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‘Perfect storm’ leads Wichita officials to back off water plan for $1,000 fine, 500 percent rate increase

Snowbirds and owners of fescue lawns or backyard swimming pools in Wichita can take a breath.

Possible water sale would affect El Dorado businesses, recreation

Memorial Day weekend business at El Dorado Reservoir’s Shady Creek Marina was down more than 50 percent from past years.

Highest users could see 500 percent increase on water bills

Now that city officials have grabbed your attention with a proposed $1,000 fine for using too much water, they will be presenting an additional option to the Wichita City Council on Tuesday that will punish those who use the most water.

Recent rains raise lake levels, but more water is needed

Recent downpours have slightly raised water levels at Cheney Reservoir and El Dorado Lake, but officials at both lakes said it will take more heavy rains to improve the drought situation.

Wichita, El Dorado in informal talks about water purchase, sources say

The cities of Wichita and El Dorado have opened informal talks about the purchase of water from El Dorado Lake, according to an El Dorado city official.

When boating Kansas lakes, beware what lurks below

Boaters beware. That’s always been the watch phrase for boating on Kansas lakes, because so many are filled with trees and rocks lurking just below the water.

Gardeners, businesses prepare for extended drought, water restrictions

Even though it’s the dead of winter, the drought and the specter of water restrictions have injected a sense of urgency into the way garden-related businesses and gardeners are approaching the coming spring.

Wichita officials concerned about impact of state plan on Equus Beds Aquifer

The state’s plan to give farmers more flexibility for using their water has city of Wichita officials concerned about the effect it could have on the Equus Beds Aquifer.

WaterWalk fountains may not be turned on this summer due to water shortage

The drought and resulting water shortage may idle the city’s $3.5 million WaterWalk Waltzing Waters fountain system — and other city fountains — this spring and summer, city officials said Friday.

Wichita officials to report to state task force on drought

Wichita officials will report to a state task force Friday on the state of the city’s water resources and plans to mitigate the effects of the ongoing Kansas drought.

Groundwater levels decline in central, western Kansas

Groundwater levels across western and central Kansas showed declines for the second consecutive year, according to preliminary data compiled by the Kansas Geological Survey, based at the University of Kansas.

Heat, drought deadly to Kansas wildlife

For months, Jim Huff has been seeing what one of the worst droughts of his 65 years has inflicted on farm and ranch lands in Crawford County.

Wichita seeks residents’ ideas on dealing with the drought

Even the most dedicated optimist would recognize that Wichita’s looming water crisis is a glass-half-empty situation.

Brownback: Kansas must act now to conserve water

The intense drought affecting Kansas could continue for years, forcing expensive water production projects and painful conservation efforts, state officials said Friday.

City of Wichita shies from water rate hike after outcry

City officials have put a plan to raise water rates this spring on hold following public outcry.

Rains have helped ease drought in short term; more water needed

Over the past few days, residents in the Wichita area have spotted something not seen in more than a year: water puddling in their yards.

More signs indicate drought is easing its grip on region

The drought’s over for much of Kansas – in the short-term, at least.

Drought eases, ever so slightly, in Kansas

The drought eased slightly in Kansas over the past week, according to a key measuring stick.

City Council weighs importance, message of shutting off Wichita’s fountains to conserve water

Shutting off or curtailing the flow of Wichita’s fountains sends a message, but two City Council members have distinctly different views of that message.

City may fine residents who use too much water $1,000

Keeping your lawn alive and green this summer could cost you an extra $1,000 a month under a water conservation proposal unveiled Wednesday by Wichita officials.

Wichita to draw more water from Equus Beds, offer conservation rebates

Wichita will shift more of the burden of its water needs to the Equus Beds aquifer and create a conservation rebate plan to extend the life of Cheney Reservoir at least two more years.

Wichita water advisory panel to make final recommendations to City Council

The city’s advisory committee on how to cope with a projected water shortage will meet to finalize its recommendations to the Wichita City Council on Wednesday.

Talks continue between Wichita, El Dorado about water

City officials are immersed in discussions over a proposal that would bring up to 30 million gallons of water a day from El Dorado’s lake directly to Wichita.

Wichita council: Rise in water rates could be worse

Wichita City Council members on Tuesday embraced a plan to raise water rates by more than 50 percent over the next 10 years, but congratulated themselves because the increase isn’t bigger.

After rains, Wichita officials recalculating end date for water from Cheney Reservoir

Wichita officials are recalculating the date that Cheney Reservoir will quit supplying water to the city, in the wake of recent rains and snowfall that have raised the lake level 4 percent.

District 3 council candidates both focused on jobs, water shortage

Each candidate for the Wichita City Council in District 3 says he has the majority behind him on the issues.

Increased drilling for water wells may be damaging soil

With the drought and higher water prices, more people are drilling water wells to save money on keeping their lawns and gardens alive. But in some cases, they may be damaging the soil, a problem that is expensive and time-consuming to repair.

District 4 candidates focusing on water usage as top priority

Water – too much and not enough – is the centerpiece issue for two men vying for the District 4 spot on the Wichita City Council.

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