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The latest breaking news updates, online extras and contest announcements from The Wichita Eagle.

Your authority on Wichita business.

Varsity Kansas
Your source for Wichita and Kansas high school athletics

Wichita Eagle Editorial Board members Phillip Brownlee and Rhonda Holman.

It's all about clarity. Grammar and language tips from the copy editors at The Eagle.


  • Stan Finger

    Stan Finger covers weather, crime and general news.

  • Denise Neil

    Denise Neil covers restaurant and other entertainment news.

  • Suzanne Tobias

    Suzanne Tobias covers education and family issues.

  • Beccy Tanner

    Beccy Tanner covers Kansas history and other general interest news.

  • Bryan Lowry

    Bryan Lowry covers the Kansas Legislature and politics.

  • Dion Lefler

    Dion Lefler covers government and politics.

  • Rick Plumlee

    Rick Plumlee is a news reporter for The Eagle.

  • Roy Wenzl

    Roy Wenzl is a news reporter for The Eagle.

  • Amy Renee Leiker

    Amy Renee Leiker is a news reporter for The Eagle.

  • Tim Potter

    Tim Potter covers crime and public safety.


  • Carrie Rengers

    Have You Heard? columnist Carrie Rengers reports business scoops.

  • Jerry Siebenmark

    Jerry Siebenmark covers banking and financial services.

  • Dan Voorhis

    Dan Voorhis covers the local economy,economic development, agriculture, and oil and gas.


  • Bob Lutz

    Bob Lutz is a sports columnist for The Eagle.

  • Tony Adame

    Tony Adame covers athletics at small Kansas colleges.

  • Paul Suellentrop

    Paul Suellentrop covers Wichita State athletics.

  • Josh Wood

    Josh Wood is a news editor and sports producer.

Get the most out of Twitter

Hashtags: The Eagle encourages conversations via Twitter using hashtags. All you have to do is write your tweet and include the hashtag. Here are some local hashtags you could use:

  • #ksstorms: Weather-related updates
  • #wichita: General Wichita tweets
  • #ictdining: Updates related to Wichita-area restaurants or food
  • #kscrime: Wichita and Kansas crime updates

Twitter lists: Find new people to follow with these lists of Wichitans and Kansans on Twitter. (Lists are limited to 500 Twitter users so some are broken into multiple lists.)

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