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Summer a time to get on the road again and discover Kansas’ treasures

Today at 6:35 a.m.

Mother Nature has saved her best for this time of year: wildflowers and sunsets, rock formations, wildlife and falling stars.

  • Pack your swimsuit for K.C. thrill ride

    Adrenaline junkies have a new destination in Kansas this year.

  • OKC offers more activities than you’d think

    Oklahoma City, just 160 miles due south of Wichita, is turning out to be an unexpected treasure.

  • State Capitol tour a perfect summer pastime

    It’s one thing to read about abolitionist John Brown, hear about Kansas’ journey to statehood in a classroom, or see state politics on television.

  • Cheap thrills for kids, families

    Plenty of low- and no-cost things to do in the Wichita area will keep kids entertained during the summer, from free bowling to DIY workshops to playing mega-size games outdoors.

  • Summer perfect time to read what you want

    Summer reading is about choices, says Beth Golay.

  • Follow the boom: Fourth of July road trips

    A thousand explosions within a minute lit up the sky and rumbled the chest of spectators at the Wamego Fireworks Show. Newbies figured this must be the finale. Seasoned show-goers in this town 10 miles east of Manhattan knew it was only a third of the way through the 30-minute set.

  • The great outdoors: Local clubs offer various activities

    If you’re looking for camaraderie to try a new summer activity or continue an old one, there are various clubs and get-together opportunities for like-minded folks in the Wichita area.

  • Kansas dinosaur attractions offer historic amounts of fun

    Feel like hunting dinosaurs this summer? Amateur paleontologists will find a surprising amount of prehistoric fodder right here in Kansas.

  • Plot a tour through scenic Flint Hills

    The Flint Hills are a favorite destination for hikers, amateur photographers, bird-watchers, stargazers and sunset revelers. The picture postcard landscape is home mostly to cattle ranchers, since the flint that gave the region its name proved unyielding to the plow.

  • Shows will go on this summer at area theaters

    Wichita’s stages are calling, offering more than 20 live shows this summer, from lavish musicals to crisp comedies to melodramas and slapstick farces – even a handful of family-friendly fairy tales geared specifically toward children as young as 2.

  • Make the festival rounds in Kansas this summer

    In Kansas, almost everything is celebrated or commemorated – so summer in the state lends itself to some entertaining gatherings.

  • KU students help make Lawrence a hip, quick getaway

    For an easy getaway, Lawrence offers the youthful atmosphere of a quintessential college town.

  • Great outings for summertime dating

    Suzanna Mathews, known as the Date Maven, has made a career of date coaching and matchmaking services.

  • How to organize a family reunion – and keep the peace

    Uncle Doug hates the heat, Cousin Sue won’t eat meat, and aunties Dolly and Polly refuse to participate in any outdoor activities. Yet despite all the various opinions (and ultimatums), everyone wants a family reunion. With so many personalities spread over so many places, how can one possibly organize a family reunion that pleases and appeases the masses? Whether your family closely resembles the Clampetts or the Kardashians, or a bit of both, there are plenty of options to keep family having fun, instead of ready to run.

  • Perfect Summer calendar of events

    21: Jimmy Eat World concert, Cotillion, 11120 W. Kellogg. Tickets: $25. www.thecotillion.com

  • Wichita has many attractions just waiting to be explored

    Expecting out-of-town visitors this summer?

  • Indoor, outdoor events fill summer

    Bill Cosby, giant dinosaurs and concerts, indoors and out, are among the fun scheduled in the Wichita area between now and Labor Day. No need to travel far to have a memorable summer. Here’s a roundup of just some of the fun.May

  • Hidden gems: free outdoor fun for kids

    Playgrounds are not always what they seem. For children, slides become roller coasters, poles become cliffs and swings change into time machines. Suddenly, the playground in the prairie is now a castle in medieval England or a pirate ship on the ocean.

  • Preparation the name of the game when family goes camping for first time

    Few things can be as endearing as a child’s first family camping trip.

  • Peel your children away from their screens

    When it comes to lazy summer days, there’s the old-fashioned, Norman Rockwell scene: jump ropes, hopscotch, bicycles and lemonade stands.

  • Suzanne Tobias: Family book club could start – or continue – meaningful dialogue with kids

    I was in my late 20s, married but childless, when I first read Lois Lowry’s “The Giver.”

  • Kansas lakes, trails offer opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors

    Every year, thousands of Kansans head to the Ozarks or the Rockies to enjoy the outdoors, leaving some danged fine fishing, hiking and other fun behind.

  • In a Wichita estate-sale state of mind

    It’s love of a treasure hunt. It’s obsession with pieces of our past.

  • Quirky Kansas and its eccentric attractions are at your fingertips

    Quirky is as quirky does.

  • Echoes of the Old West can still be found daily in Kansas

    Despite what Texas claims, Kansas is still the Old West.

  • Join the club: Area groups let like-minded Wichitans share their hobbies, interests

    If you think pugs are a good way to meet up with others, it turns out you’re not barking up the wrong tree. The Wichita Pug Meetup Group offers owners of this particular breed of pooch a place to come and unwind with the pug in tow.

  • Tips to help you take better photos

    There used to be a time when families had just one camera. That precious and expensive machine was kept out of reach of little hands and was taken out only on special occasions.

  • Explore Kansas with summer daytrips

    Travel parts of Kansas and there is sublime beauty in exploring the rolling hills and valleys, in seeing the sun and clouds cast shadows across the horizon.Flint Hills

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