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Friday musings

11/01/2013 3:09 PM

08/08/2014 10:19 AM

* This is not an interesting college football season. Is it? Convince me. After Alabama, Oregon and Florida State, who’s any good? Ohio State perhaps, but the Buckeyes are stuck in the eyes-glazing-over Big Ten. The Big 12 is filled with mediocre teams outside of Baylor, and I’m not even convinced the Bears are all that.

* Maybe I’m still grouchy from the Cardinals’ World Series loss.

* By the way, I really, really miss baseball season already. I have a sense of balance during the baseball season that escapes me the other days of the year. I feel dizzy and out of sorts. I’m short with people. My head hurts. Spring training can’t get here soon enough.

* College basketball season helps, though. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how Wichita State follows up its Final Four appearance and how Kansas follows up on all the hype surrounding Andrew Wiggins.

* There is one game this weekend involving two winning NFL teams. And it’s not really even to be played this weekend; it’s the Monday night game between Green Bay and Chicago. I’ll be doing something Sunday besides watching football.

* I haven’t played golf in two months. Ridiculous.

* We had about 30 trick-or-treaters last night and enough candy for 300. My wife suggested putting up a sign down the street, where there were a lot more kids, that would point them toward our end of the block. I nixed that, though. Not that I don’t love kids in Halloween costumes. I just enjoy my privacy more.

* So far, this has been a bitter old man blog. I’m going to work on that the rest of the way.

* My wife and I are hosting a cabin at Brew Ha Ha tonight. It’s a major fundraiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, an organization for which my wife has worked for 30 years. If you’re there (the event is at Flint Hills National), stop by and say hello. I’ll be the guy who looks completely out of his element.

* Iowa State’s defense has disappeared the past couple of weeks. So the Cyclones, who usually play Kansas State tough, might be in for a long day against the Cats at Bill Snyder Family Stadium on Saturday. K-State could improve to 4-4 with a victory, then goes on the road next week to play Texas Tech. I can’t see anything better than 7-5 for the Wildcats, who also have a home game remaining with Oklahoma.

* Kansas State finishes the season at Kansas on Nov. 30. Something tells me KU will be ready for the season to end. If improvement is being made under Charlie Weis, I’m not astute enough to see it. Maybe the Jayhawks will rise up and play better Saturday at Texas. I doubt it, though.

* Kansas State basketball is generating no buzz. Coming off a co-Big 12 championship, it’s odd. Second-year coach Bruce Weber is going to have to prove himself to a lot of K-State fans who still seem skeptical about the decision to hire Weber after Frank Martin bolted for South Carolina.

* That makes Weber the most compelling story when it comes to Wildcats basketball. That’s not a good thing. I think K-State will be a .500 team in Big 12 play this season and miss the NCAAs, making Weber’s third year a very important one. But maybe he’ll prove me and the other doubters wrong.

* That Giovani Bernard kid for the Cincinnati Bengals is exciting. I hadn’t seen much of him before the Thursday night game between the Bengals and Miami Dophins. His 140-yard touchdown run (it was really 35 yards, but he had to run at least 140) was one of the best I’ve seen. It made me happy, too, because it reminded me of the way Barry Sanders used to run.

* The NFL has become such a pass-happy league and I get that. But there’s still nothing like watching a really gifted, shifty, smart running back. Bernard isn’t a big guy and he wasn’t a first-round draft pick. But has the moves. He might be in a battle with another running back, Green Bay’s Eddie Lacy, for NFL rookie of the year honors. It’s nice to see a couple of young running backs making an impact.

* A lot of people don’t think the Kansas City Chiefs will get out of Buffalo on Sunday with a win. They think this is the definition of a trap game – an unbeaten team going on the road to play a struggling club with a bye week looming. Sorry, just don’t see it. If the Bills were in a better spot with their quarterbacking position, maybe. But Buffalo’s top two QBs are hurt. And that Kansas City defense is there every day, 24 hours a day. Kansas City wins by 10, maybe more.

* “The Good Wife,” is currently my favorite television series. I’ve been disappointed so far with this season of “The Walking Dead.” And “The Goldberg’s” is my favorite new comedy. But it’s not as good as “The Middle,” which has such a great cast and such great writing. It’s better than “Modern Family.” Yes, I said it.

* I’ve recorded a lot of episodes of “The Blacklist” and “Sleepy Hollow.” Finding time to watch is a challenge. What are your thoughts on these two shows?

* I’ve always been a big entertainment guy. I love movies, television, music – things that entertain me. Sports do that, as long as I’m not emotionally connected. What I get as a fan of the Cardinals, I wouldn’t describe as entertainment.

* I need to listen to some new music. I find myself listening to the same stuff I’ve listened to for 40-plus years. I love it. It never gets old. But I have this desire to kind of stay in touch, as difficult as that is at my age. So, help a guy out. What should I be listening to besides the new Arcade Fire CD?

* Have a great weekend, everyone. Sorry for that grouchy persona you undoubtedly detected earlier in the musings. I think I turned it around, though. Now I can’t stop smiling.

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