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September 9, 2013

A Packers flip-flop

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I’ve always kind of liked theGreen Bay Packers. And I still like a bunch of their players, especially quarterback Aaron Rodgers and receiver Jordy Nelson, who is from Riley, Kan., and played at Kansas State.

You gotta love the home boys. This late hit by Bruce Matthews on Colin Kaepernick had an adverse effect on my feelings for the Green Bay Packers. And I don’t much care for the San Francisco 49ers or their coach, Jim Harbaugh. He’s a fantastic coach. Just ask him, he’ll tell you. Harbaugh’s ego is out of whack and I’m not drawn to his eccentric ways. I think he’s a flake.

But when the Packers hit 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick after Kaepernick had gotten out of bounds during the second quarter of Sunday’s Green Bay-San Francisco game, I thought it was a cheap shot. And when some other 49ers came over to let Matthews know they didn’t care for his antics, I didn’t like the way Matthews reacted.

I also don’t think San Francisco offensive lineman Joe Staley should have been flagged for a personal foul for getting in Matthews’ face and delivering a shove. If it’s so important to protect quarterbacks, as the NFL has mandated, then why isn’t it OK for the teammate of a quarterback to do a little protecting as long as it doesn’t get out of hand?

Never mind that the game officials botched the play altogether by getting the down wrong. I thought Matthews should have drawn the only penalty in that situation and I think he should have been tossed out of the game.

So, in a strange turn of events, I was left to cheer for San Francisco. I didn’t want to do that, but Matthews forced me. Every time I saw him for the rest of the game, I became irritated. “Cut your hair,” I screamed at the television.

Now, of course, if I came upon Matthews in some dark alley, I wouldn’t have the same kind of bravado. I saw the guy’s bulging arms. I’m not gonna mess with him.

But on a Sunday afternoon in the quiet of my own home, I wanted a piece of the guy.

So the question for me becomes: Now what?

I’m first and foremost a fan of the St. Louis Rams, who got off to an encouraging start Sunday with a come-from-behind win over the Arizona Cardinals. Quarterback Sam Bradford looked good, for the most part, and so did new tight end Jared Cook, who caught a bunch of passes including two for touchdowns.

But do I trust the Rams? And if I don’t, then who are the next teams I might take a liking to?

Green Bay has been one of those teams since Rodgers arrived. I like his passion and his ability. And it’s so easy to be a Nelson fan. But I’m eliminating the Packers from the mix, thanks to that cheap-shot artist, Matthews.

The New Orleans Saints are another team I gravitate toward, but it’s almost all because of quarterback Drew Brees. I do like Sean Payton, the Saints’ coach, and tight end Jimmy Graham is on my fantasy team, along with Brees.

But am I going to show an affinity for a team because I have a fantasy player or two from that club? Am I going to be that guy?

Who else?

I’m picking the Washington Redskins to win the Super Bowl (just wait), and I’m a big fan of Robert Griffin III. So what about the ‘Skins? Perhaps, although I wouldn’t give you two cents for their coach, Mike Shanahan. I’ll be watching Washington tonight, though, and perhaps something will click.

Kansas City? There are so many Chiefs fans around here already. I don’t think they would welcome me to the club. I do like Alex Smith, though, and new coach Andy Reid seems like a swell fellow. But, no, not the Chiefs.

Denver? Nah, just no emotion for the Broncos.

San Francisco? Not with Harbaugh out there. I might like the 49ers better than the Packers, but that’s about it.

I’ll wait a while to pick another team besides the Rams. After all, St. Louis is 1-0 and deserves my undivided attention and loyalty until things start to go bad. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. I have faith in Jeff Fisher as the coach and it looks like Bradford has an arsenal of offensive weapons at his disposal.

So count me as a Rams fan. Always and forever. Until something changes.

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