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Michael Pearce

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Wildlife and Parks deals blow to its own credibility

For a state agency, withholding information from the public is a good way to lose trust and cooperation.

Kansas certainly belongs somewhere on this list

Personally and professionally, I've long enjoyed Outdoor Life.

Mountain lions have no place in the Legislature

First things first.

A case of turkey fever

He charges a flock like a dog possessed, covering ground in long leaps. Once amid the birds, Hank is a black blur as he chases first one turkey and then a dozen-or-so others.

Old farmhouse provides ideal refuge after great days

I doubt most people would think much of the old farmhouse. It's a simple two-story structure made when homes were built for functional shelter.

Cabela's mystery deer

I'm sure there are many hunters named Brad Hughes.

Prairie chicken population holding its own in Kansas

EDWARDS COUNTY — The first flock of lesser prairie chickens flushed near where Tom Turner parked his truck when we arrived Thursday morning. The last pair sailed from sight as we were leaving late that afternoon.

Changes abound on outdoor landscape

The year that's almost gone leaves behind some changes and memories to be remembered.

Changing times afield

Probably nothing has changed the face of Kansas hunting as much as allowing out-of-state visitors to hunt our deer.

A fine opening day

RENO COUNTY — Like a moth around a flame, the teal hovered for long seconds over the decoys.

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