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Michael Pearce

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Want $50,000 for a deer you shot? Good luck. . . .

Last week a friend of a friend showed me a photo of a local hunter with an exceptional whitetail deer.

Crazy Horse Memorial remains a stirring work in progress

The Wichita Eagle

On the trail of trout

BLACK HILLS NATIONAL FOREST, S.D. —The brown trout looked the size of some salmon and wore neon colors of a brightness seldom seen without electricity.

A wonder close to home

The purple martins returning to roost in trees at Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis remains one of the top wildlife events I've seen in 30 years of traveling.

It's more than a clever tip, it's a hide-saving idea

Many years ago I watched possible bloodshed be avoided, thanks to a chain fishing stringer and some ingenuity.

You can't buy happiness

GREENWOOD COUNTY — American parents annually spend many millions for their children's entertainment.

These little buggers can be the perfect companions

Evening shadows were almost across the water by the time I arrived.

More people deserve say in El Dorado water plan

A May 17 article in The Eagle told of how El Dorado hopes to sell water from its nearby lake to Wichita.

Biodegradable line is a cast in the right direction

Old fishing line is in, over and along American waters by thousands of collective miles.

You can't tell this largemouth bass it isn't spring

Wind-driven sleet is pounding the windows and it's skin-numbing cold outside.

First snow-filled hunt brings some fast results

RENO COUNTY — Like many Kansans, my Monday morning began with 10 minutes of scraping to get my vehicle ready to roll.

Best of 2010: Record fish top busy year

From clouds of tiny birds to gargantuan fish breaking state records, a lot happened in the Kansas outdoors in 2010.

Know where the pellets go

For decades, Kansas has been a land of wing shooting.

The perfect setup for close shaves during deer season

While in a barber's chair, I've heard many stories about deer being shot.

The chance to hunt inspires man to conquer obstacles

Even in the weak glow of a small flashlight, the strength of the buck's antlers was easy to see.

Habitat for the future

LEAVENWORTH COUNTY — New York to Honolulu. That's almost the number of miles I logged to and from our family farm this spring and summer.

Fishing fast and furious

HARVEY COUNTY — A dense mist rose into the cool autumn air and the prairie grasses were in their autumn golds and reds.

We can see problems, but what will we do about them?

Like many outdoorsmen, I find fascination in reading J.R. Mead's "Hunting and Trading on the Great Plains."

Attack of the crawdads

CHEYENNE BOTTOMS — They came en masse from the murky waters, so numerous that if one stopped, others crawled over it or pushed it aside.

A perfect complement to pike

As thick as my leg but longer, the big northern pike was obviously in ambush mode.

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