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Michael Pearce

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Cottonwood River provides an idyllic backdrop for annual reunion

For most of its miles the Cottonwood River is narrow enough that a small child can nearly skip a flat stone from one side to the other.

New technology alerts angler when there’s a bite

I carried some of fishing’s newest, high-tech innovations to the water.

Michael Pearce: Talking turkey

One morning they were gobbling hard well before dawn, about two-dozen toms trying to talk at once. Conservatively, I heard at least 200 gobbles by sunrise.

Michael Pearce: Age changes a dog’s approach to hunting

I often find the old dog lying near the fence, in a wallow he’s hollowed through time. Ashen face on salt-and-pepper paws, Hank’s again fallen asleep watching the street, waiting for me to come home.

Chance to observe eagle is worth chilly wait

Had my hands been holding a bow, I’d have passed the shakes as buck fever.

Michael Pearce: Kansas deer quantity, quality won’t get better

The optimist in me usually closes one deer season thinking things will be better in the next.

Michael Pearce: Some hunting, fishing to-dos

Larry Galvan shooting all five Kansas big-game animals is impressive, but not the only grand slam-style accomplishment to which hunters and anglers can aspire.

Few things in life are as satisfying as a good, sharp knife

My fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Meisner, sometimes borrowed my pocket knife because it was the sharpest in her class.

Commission to consider transporting baitfish again

Legalizing the transportation of angler-caught green sunfish and bluegill for bait will go to a vote at Thursday’s Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism commission meeting near Fall River.

Brutal summer weather clears out just in time for waterfowl season

We didn’t even need daylight to know things were looking good.

Ozarks oasis is less secluded, but still beautiful

For 20 years I’d remembered it as one of the most beautiful and pristine places I’d seen in the Ozarks.

Monster fish of Kansas: State's waters hold creatures monstrous in looks, size

Kansas holds world records on two of the biggest species in North America — paddlefish and flathead catfish. Some of the state’s best fishing is yet to come. Experts say many Kansas lakes hold blue catfish that could grow to 100 pounds or more.

Michael Pearce: Learn about hunting the scurrying squirrel

It’s a long hunting season and some of the best hunting is on public land. Yet even there, hunting pressure is feather-light.

Michael Pearce: It’s hard to beat Milford

Friday’s dawn was the kind that makes it good to be alive, especially when you’re holding a fishing rod.

Michael Pearce: What’s on the line?

We’d caught about 30 bass in the first hour. But since we’d thoroughly worked the shoreline, 20 minutes had passed without a strike.

Turkey curse strikes Brownback again

My hopes started to die when Will Johnson’s voice livened early on Friday, the first day of the Governor’s Turkey Hunt in El Dorado.

Michael Pearce: One-time hunting-fishing fee makes sense for seniors

Nobody likes paying extra, especially when it’s for something they’ve had for free.

Michael Pearce: Trying to comprehend a snowy owl being shot

I don’t understand why someone would kill a snowy owl. Somebody shot one about 10 days ago at Cheyenne Bottoms.

Michael Pearce: The man who opened his outdoors world to many

The first time I went afield with legendary herpetologist Joe Collins, the setting did little for my apprehension.

Only Santa can deliver this unlikely package

Dear Santa,

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