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Update: Kansas duck hunter drowns in icy lake

A northeast Kansas sheriff says a hunter who drowned while trying to retrieve a duck at an icy lake was a member of the military.

Outdoor calendar (Dec. 22)


Recent cold snap brings more bald eagles into Wichita

Sometimes bundled like Inuits, long-lensed cameras in hand, Chuck Streker and some fellow photographers spent a lot of time outside in last week’s extreme cold, following hunches and assorted leads to their favored photo subjects.

Tracking dogs can sometimes help recover deer, but not in Kansas

Every fall Brady Hesington disappoints Kansas hunters struggling to find a deer they’ve shot.

Outdoors calendar (Dec. 15)


Cold day, cold results for Russell County hunt

The scene was classic central Kansas. Valleys of oaks, cottonwoods and elms. Highlands that are a patchwork of harvested cropfields and native prairies.

Processors note slow start to deer season

According to area meat processors, deer hunting success has been about as cold as the weather since the firearms deer season opened Wednesday. Most think the frigid weather and lowered success are related.

Another firearms deer season approaches

For many years, Lloyd Fox used words such as “excellent” and “outstanding” to describe the prospects for an upcoming firearms deer season.

Outdoors calendar (Dec. 1)


Wichita falconer reunites with hunting buddy — a golden eagle

With wide, long wings, the golden eagle launched itself fast enough to leave Nate Mathews amid a backwash of stirred air.

Michael Pearce: Buck fever is real — and maybe treatable

The first arrow passed just over the buck’s back, a result of my bad range estimation in the Cowley County canyon. I have no clue into what county, or even area code, I fired the second, third or fourth arrows.

Outdoors calendar (Nov. 24)


Michael Pearce: Hard to top sunset at Quivira

Most the day the sky was a dull, gray and unbroken mass between the horizons. But by the time I’d arrived to a special spot, the clouds were cottony fluffy and white, and well scattered across the sky.

Outdoors calendar (Nov. 17)


Scott County hunters’ bus adds efficiency on opening pheasant day

Seven men — most decades past their last graduation — rushed to meet a school bus Saturday morning. Aboard the bus they were joined by four Labrador retrievers and Mason, a schnauzer as happy to be going hunting as any.

Outdoors calendar (Nov. 10)


Federal game warden hopes poaching case results deter other deer poachers

When he walked from U.S. District Court on Monday, federal game warden John Brooks ended maybe the most time-consuming case of his 17 years in wildlife law enforcement, and one of the most intensive cooperative operations involving his U.S. Fish and Wild Service agents and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Toursim game wardens.

Outdoors calendar (Nov. 3)


Tarantulas getting a leg up on southern Kansas prairies

Trick-or-treaters and those heading to horror-themed parties may want to pay extra attention as they’re making their Thursday night rounds.

Have an outdoors story to share? We’re all ears

Get any two outdoors lovers together and it’s only a matter of time before the stories are flying or photos are shared. It’s for that reason that we’re beginning “Sharing your outdoors,” a chance for readers to share their successes, failures, memories and photos with others on the Eagle’s Outdoors page and at Kansas.com.

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