Lake level, fishing and waterfowl report (Oct. 19)

10/19/2012 7:33 AM

10/19/2012 7:34 AM


Lake Levels

Lake Normal Current Rel
Arbuckle 872.0 868.37 1
Big Hill 858.0 855.79 0
Cedar Bluff 2144.0 2123.20 0
Cheney 1421.6 1414.90 0
Clinton 875.5 872.69 7
Council Grove 1274.0 1269.59 24
El Dorado 1339.0 1335.91 7
Elk City 796.0 794.12 31
Fall River 950.5 946.48 7
Grand 742.0 741.11 8555
Hillsdale 917.0 913.93 8
Hulah 733.0 729.93 16
John Redmond 1039.0 1035.19 119
Kanopolis 1463.0 1457.86 17
Kaw 1009.85 1008.09 40
Keystone 723.0 720.20 0
Kirwin 1729.3 1722.20 0
Lovewell 1582.6 1574.70 0
Marion 1350.5 1347.47 7
Melvern 1036.0 1033.23 20
Milford 1144.4 1138.77 200
Norton 2304.3 2294.10 1
Perry 891.5 887.61 25
Pomona 974.0 971.45 15
Skiatook 714.0 703.77 42
Stockton 867.0 861.46 40
Table Rock 915.0 908.24 1957
Tenkiller 632.0 624.29 38
Texoma 618.5 613.56 368
Toronto 899.5 900.08 7
Truman 706.0 705.23 0
Tuttle Creek 1075.0 1064.94 400
Waconda 1455.6 1452.60 16
Webster 1892.5 1879.80 0
Wilson 1516.0 1512.90 8

Fishing Report


Cheney: White bass/wiper good near main lake drop-offs using shad-type baits or chasing surfacing shad. Walleye fair trolling and jigging spoons near drop-offs. Catfish good in deep water during the day using cutbaits or live bait in shallow water at night.

Council Grove: Catfish fair on windblown points and shorelines using fresh shad. Saugeye fair with crankbaits along points and rocky shorelines. White bass/wipers good along windblown shoreline and points trolling crankbaits. Crappie fair using jigs or jig-n-minnow in brush 8-15 feet deep.

El Dorado: Wiper/white bass good in 8-15 feet of water trolling crankbaits. Crappie fair in 12-16 feet of water in deeper brush, ledges and breaks with minnows or jigs. Catfish fair drifting fresh shad, worms or fresh cutbait on the flats. Walleye fair in 4-18’ of water trolling, jigging, casting and slab spooning.

Kingman SFL: Poor for all species. Lake is being renovated.

Marion: Catfish fair using stinkbaits or worms. Crappie good using jigs off the dam. Walleye fair along the dam and points using jig-n-worms. Wipers/white bass good trolling crankbaits on main lake points and along the dam.

McPherson SFL: Catfish excellent shallow using stinkbait or livers. Crappie fair on minnows or small jigs near brush and rocks. Largemouth bass good near weedbeds using topwater lures or casting buzzbaits or scum frogs.


Glen Elder: Crappie fair to good near rocky shorelines and up Oak, Mill and Granite creeks jigging beavertails, tube jigs or Wasshoppas. White bass excellent using slabs, kastmasters and rattletraps around the dam, south bluffs, state park main lake points and Walnut Creek. Black bass good in Marina, Swim Beach and Osage Coves and the dam using crawdad imitation plastics and crankbaits shallow. Walleye fair to good on jig-n-crawlers, crankbaits and roadrunners in the lower half of the reservoir. Catfish good in 6-12 feet of water across the flats north of Granite Creek and the golf course drifting shrimp, nightcrawlers and stinkbaits. Wipers fair using shad imitation lures near the dam, outlet area and the mouth of Walnut Creek.

Kanopolis: Catfish good around south side humps and Langley boat ramp on cutbaits and prepared baits. Crappie fair on jigs around structure near shore. Walleye/saugeye fair on rocky points casting jigs. White bass/ wipers fair with spoons, roadrunners or jigs on shallow points early and late in the day.

Keith Sebelius (Norton): Crappie fair using jigs or jig-n-minnows off public fishing dock and fish attractors. Walleye/saugeye fair in Leota Cove, along the dam and off the Marsh dike using jigs, jig-n-crawlers and trolling diving lures. Wipers fair using jig-n-crawlers on the bottom in Leota Cove and along the dam. Catfish fair up to the west end, along the dam, the east side of Leota Cove and off the public dock using shad, stinkbait or worms.

Milford: Catfish fair along windy banks and channel ledges 10-20 feet deep on shad sides and cutbait. Crappie good using tube jigs and minnows near rocky areas and brush in water 10 feet deep. Walleye fair on points and along flats 15 feet deep using worms, crankbaits or spoons. White bass/wipers good using live bait and spoons near humps and on jigs and crankbaits near rock points. Smallmouth bass good off rocky points near drop-offs with crankbaits and poppers. Largemouth bass fair using jigs, poppers and spinnerbaits near points in creeks. Outlet fair for walleye, white bass and wipers on jigs or using cutbait for catfish.

Tuttle Creek: Catfish fair in the tubes using shad. Crappie fair using jigs or minnows in 10-15 feet of water. White bass fair to good in McIntyre and Carnahan Coves and the Stockdale area casting jigs and crankbaits. Saugeye fair to good along rocky points in the reservoir on jigs and crankbaits.

Webster: Crappie fair on jigs around the fish attractors, breakwaters and the irrigation outlet. Walleye good along the dam and Bluffs trolling crankbaits. Wipers/white bass good trolling crankbaits or casting jigs lakewide. Catfish fair in west end on shad and stinkbait on the bottom.

Wilson: Crappie fair to good near rocky shorelines, up creek arms, around the marina docks and near spawning areas jigging beavertails, tube jigs or Wasshoppas. Stripers fair to good using a variety of crankbaits, bucktailed jigs and slab spoons in the upper end near Elm Creek and the Horseshoe. Walleye fair to good in shallow water using swim baits, crankbaits, roadrunners or jig-n-crawler or jig-n-minnow combos. Catfish good using stinkbaits or nightcrawlers drifting the flats between Elm Creek and Marshall Cove. White bass good on the humps and bumps between Lucas Point and Minooka with jigs or spinnerbaits. Black bass good near flooded vegetation, the rocks or any structure using crankbaits, plastics or topwater lures.

Waterfowl Report

Low Plains

Early Zone Duck Season – Oct. 6 – Dec. 2 and Dec. 15 – 30, 2012

Cedar Bluff WA: Water level is 20.8’ below conservation pool. Approximately 1,000 ducks, including shovelers, gadwall, wigeon, mallard, pintail and wood duck, are present. No flooded vegetation. Mudflats will make hunter concealment difficult. Success expected to be fair to good.

Cheyenne Bottoms WA: Total duck numbers less than 50. All pools are dry. Hunting conditions are poor. Success expected to be poor.

Jamestown WA: Water levels are good, with Buffalo Creek, Pintail, Ringneck and Puddler Marshes being dry. Approximately 2,000 – 3,500 ducks, mostly teal with pintails and gadwalls, present. Hunting conditions are good, with good habitat conditions. Success expected to be fair, better in the mornings.

McPherson Valley Wetlands: Water levels poor throughout the wetlands. Less than 100 ducks are present. Hunting conditions are poor. Success expected to be poor to fair.

Texas Lake: Approximately 150 ducks present, mostly teal. Pools 1, 2 3B, 4, 6,7 and 8 are full. Fair vegetation in all pools. Hunting success expected to be fair.

Low Plains

Late Zone Duck Season - Youth Season - Oct. 20-21

Byron Walker: Hunting conditions poor, with no water in marshes or lake. Success expected to be poor.

Cheney: Reservoir is 6.7 feet below conservation pool. Very few ducks or geese using the area. Conditions rated poor. Success rated poor.

Council Grove: Lake is 4.4 feet below conservation pool. Approximately 200 ducks and 20 Canada geese on the area. Hunting conditions rated difficult, with little vegetation along shoreline. Success rated fair.

Glen Elder: Water level is 3.0 feet below conservation pool. Estimating 3,400 ducks, along with 1,200 Canada and 150 white-fronted geese present. Hunting conditions fair, with exposed mudflats around the lake. Success expected to be fair.

Isabel WA: The main lake is full but the pool along Hwy. 42 is dry. Approximately 200 ducks , mostly teal, shovelers and gadwall, are present. Hunting conditions are fair. Hunting success expected to be fair.

Lovewell: Water level 7.9 feet below conservation level. Approximately 300 ducks present, along with 400 Canada geese. Hunting conditions are poor, mudflats have little vegetation available. Success expected to be poor.

Marion: Water is 3.0 feet below conservation pool. Approximately 100 ducks are present. Hunting conditions are fair. Expected hunting success is poor.

Melvern: Water is 2.8 feet below conservation pool. Very few ducks present. All marshes have little water in them, but have some good vegetation. Expected hunting success to be poor.

Milford: Water is 5.6 feet above conservation pool. Approximately 300 ducks, mostly redheads, were observed. Conditions are poor, with summer drought, habitat and food is scarce in wetlands. Success expected to be poor.

Quivira: Water levels poor. Approximately 360 ducks and 50 geese present. Hunting conditions poor. Success expected to be poor.

Tuttle Creek: Water is 10.1 feet below conservation pool. Very few ducks are present. Hunting conditions poor to fair, with little shoreline vegetation around the lake and no water in the marshes. Hunting success considered to be fair to poor.

Webster: Water is 12.7 feet below conservation level. Approximately 1-2,000 ducks and 300 Canada geese are on the area. Hunting conditions fair, with sparse vegetation along south shoreline. Expected hunting success is poor to fair.

Wilson: Water is 3.1 feet below conservation pool. Approximately 1,800 ducks are on the area. Hunting conditions are fair, with flooded vegetation from Horseshoe Bend to Elm Creek. Hunting success is expected to be fair to good.

High Plains

(West of U.S. Hwy. 283)

Oct. 6 – Dec. 30, 2012 and Jan. 19-27, 2013

Norton: Water level is 10.2 feet below conservation pool. Less than 100 ducks reported. Hunting conditions poor, with no flooded vegetation. Hunting success expected to be poor.

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