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August 13, 2011

NBC Notebook: Jerry Taylor resigns

Jerry Taylor resigns

After 11 years as the National Baseball Congress World Series tournament director, Jerry Taylor is resigning.

"I told my wife the other day that this tournament has worn on me both physically and mentally more than in the past," said Taylor, 61. "... I love this tournament, it's been great."

Casey Walkup, who has been with the NBC for two years, will replace Taylor.

"Even though (Taylor) is old enough to be my father, he's like a brother to me," said Josh Robertson. "I'm going to miss him tremendously, and the NBC is as well. But Casey Walkup is almost through his second season of the tournament, and he's been groomed by Jerry and myself to the best of our ability, and he's ready to take the reins as one of a handful of tournament directors in the history of the tournament."

Walkup is eager for a new role.

"It's something that I knew coming in would be a transition process," Walkup said. "I think Jerry has done a tremendous job in transitioning me into that role. It's something that I wanted to do."

Taylor won't completely distance himself from the tournament, though. He has offered to score games, for instance.

"I'll still do something," Taylor said, "but it's time for someone else to run the tournament."

Replacement turf

New artificial turf was put on the field at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium before the Wingnuts' season started. But after around 150 games, including the NBC World Series, part of the left-side batter's box had to be replaced because of wear on the turf.

The replacement on Wednesday didn't take much, and it was expected because of the number of games played at L-D.

_ Joanna Chadwick

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