WGA Fall Jamboree

09/20/2011 12:00 AM

09/20/2011 9:10 AM


WGA Fall Jamboree

At Tex Consolver

Team results — Tracy Chamberlin-Mike Holloway 656-62—127, Tyler Chapman-Mark Joliffe 66-64—130, Jack Courington-Mark Courington 66-65—131, Todd Bonewell-Steve Newman 68-65—133, Dal Peterson-Ron Rush 66-67—133, Corey Novascone-Chris Swyers 66-67—133, Scott Brittian-Brad Brittian 68-66—134, Paul Cleland-Sean Walsh 66-68—134.

Chad Leivian-Nick Reinke 68-68—136, Jeff Martin-Jeff Schauner 71-65—136, Jim Ewart-Eric Mork 70-66—136, Steve Priest-Brian Robinson 70-66—136, Spencer Alefs-John Alefs 68-69—137, Robert Abell-Bill Quattlebaum 68-69—137, Brent Bahner-Gene Bowden 70-68—138, Mike Casamento-Ryan Hubble 69-71—140, John McLaughlin-Jed Tyson 71-69—140.

Steve Babb-Jeffrey Sommer 74-67—141, Drew Chamberlin-Brian Chamberlin 70-72—142, Dave Hill-Bob Peck 71-71—142, Chris Brundige-Raymond Brundige 71-72—143, Russ Anderson-Stephen Flinn 71-72—143, Chris Jakub-Dwayne Jakub 74-70—144, Kelly Bonta-James Stepien 73-71—144, John Vogt-Michael Vogt 70-75—145, Bruce Lyon- Rick Mullen 74-71—145, Phil Glenn-Scott Glenn 69-76—145, Terry Moore-Fred Nahr 73-72—145.

Michael Baker-Randy Terzian 71-75—146, Caleb Haight-Phil Haight 75-72—147, Clark Carrier-Clint Carrier 77-74—151, Scott Reich-Don Wilson 76-76—152, Ken Landwehr-Steve Schulte 79-75—154, Curtis Whitten-Kelvin Moose 80-77—157, Tony Elassais-Mike Teeters 83-80—163.

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