Slog through Kauffman Stadium fountain costs Iowa woman a night in KC jail

08/06/2013 1:36 PM

08/06/2013 8:52 PM

Kansas City police cited a 25-year-old woman with three city charges after she allegedly jumped into a fountain at Kauffman Stadium Monday night, briefly escaped from officers and later propositioned an officer.

The incident, which lasted about five minutes, occurred during the eighth or ninth inning of the Kansas City Royals game against the Minnesota Twins.

“We believe she was a little intoxicated when she decided to go for a walk in the fountain pool,” said police Major Floyd Mitchell.

The woman reportedly scaled a railing then sat on a ledge of the fountain pool near the waterfall. She later tiptoed along the top of the waterfall and later fell in the pool. Police said she was fortunate she didn’t tumble over the waterfall.

While in the water, she raised her hands in triumph, then climbed out of the water over a railing. When security guards tried to arrest her, she ran away and started scaling the edge of another fountain. Guards grabbed her leg and stopped her.

Several people in the crowd recorded the antics on their cell phones and posted videos to YouTube.

Police took custody of the woman and handcuffed her, but she didn’t cooperate with them either. She pulled one hand free and escaped briefly. She tore much of the skin off her hand to get the handcuffs off, police said.

She then allegedly offered a sex act to an officer in exchange for not being arrested, police said.

Jessica McCoy of Des Moines, Iowa, was cited for trespassing, resisting arrest and solicitation. She spent the night in jail but was released Tuesday morning.

The stadium has signs near the fountain telling people they cannot enter. But someone gets in the water about every other year, Mitchell said, most often to obtain a home run ball.

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