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Bob Lutz: When 600 volleyballs isn't enough

A Wichita State volleyball practice moves along. There isn't much dead time and drills are constant. Coach Chris Lamb's energy cannot be capped and in his world there is no time for slack time.

New Gillaspie a bigger, yet lighter model

Conor Gillaspie knew the question was coming, he just didn't know when. And sure enough, it did.

Bob Lutz: Antoine Carr can understand decision Perry Ellis faces

First of all, Perry Ellis can't make a bad decision when it comes to choosing the school he'll attend to play basketball.

Bob Lutz: Coach's life on the move

When I called Kirk Doll for an interview, the first thing I asked was how he was enjoying coaching in the United Football League.

Bob Lutz: Too young to grasp, too old to be unaware

It was so long ago and I was so young when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Bob Lutz: KU offense quickly winning over fans

LAWRENCE — It's not time to start clearing trophy space at Kansas, but the Jayhawks get a State Fair blue ribbon for their offensive display Saturday night.

Consumed by a bizarre fantasy life

Remember when LaGarrette Blount, then an Oregon running back, threw that punch at Boise State's Byron Hout after the Broncos had upended the Ducks in their 2009 season opener?

Bob Lutz: Kansas, K-State must play it quiet

This is a great time to stick a microphone in front of the brain trust of the Oklahoma football program.

Bob Lutz: K-State reminded there are no givens

MANHATTAN — As the football was in flight, more than 50,000 Kansas State fans, amped up for a new season, had lots of time to think.

Clapp Park a course with unique charms

The consensus of the golf people I've talked to around town is that Clapp Park, a golf course built on 95 acres of land at Harry and Oliver in 1923, is about to close.

Bob Lutz: Losing A&M is the Big 12 wound that won't heal

As your parting gift, Texas A&M, you receive a one-year subscription to the Longhorn Network, the 24-hour channel that airs nothing but Texas-related sports. It's the least we could do to acknowledge your 15-year participation in the Big 12.

15th annual Bob Lutz Survey: Readers respond

Thanks to everyone who responded to my 15th annual Reader Survey, all 997. I wish we would have made it to 1,000, but I’m told three people were out of town.

Singleton waits for his chance

If you stop everything you're doing and be real quiet, you can hear the cries.

Tharp ready to make up for lost time

It's not an even year, so Huldon Tharp feels pretty good about making it through the football season.

Bob Lutz: Butler did a bad job of advising

For two guys who haven't been on the field that much during their college football careers, Arthur and Bryce Brown sure stir things up.

All this drama isn't about students, it's about money

You know, with all this upheaval in college sports — Texas A&M is going to the SEC; no wait, Texas A&M is staying in the Big 12 — I'd love to know what the "student-athletes" think.

Santa Barbara is an NBC beauty

Garrett Bayliff spent the summer rehabbing the leg and ankle injuries that kept him sidelined for most of Wichita State's 2011 baseball season.

Coughenour is playing to win

Tyler Coughenour is the kind of baseball player a father points to and says to his young boy, "I want you to play like that."

Golf course problems more than just money

It sounds like city manager Robert Layton is going to close one of the five municipal golf courses in town. Public meetings are scheduled for this month so citizens can air their concerns, but by all accounts one of the courses is going to go.

Hastings continues to conquer obstacles

I have the words Joe Hastings needs to hear. Joe, you're not going to make the San Francisco 49ers. You're wasting your time in camp with them. You're a kid from Wichita, remember. You played at Washburn. You can't do this, Joe

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