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Wamego sisters a dominating duo

SALINA — Lanee Page has spunk. She’s 15 and already a junior at Wamego because she skipped the eighth grade. It wasn’t challenging enough.

Bob Lutz: There is reason to smile on I-70 West

ST. LOUIS – Wichita State took whatever spell or curse or evil spirit that has been lurking in this city for 23 years behind a woodshed this weekend and beat the devil out of it.

Bob Lutz: Shockers find new way to make game a laugher

ST. LOUIS – Wichita State this season ranked first in the Missouri Valley Conference in – take a deep breath – scoring offense, scoring defense, scoring margin, free-throw percentage, field-goal percentage defense, overall rebounding, defensive rebounding, offensive rebounding, rebounding margin, blocked shots and turnover margin.

Bob Lutz: Shockers continually willing to sacrifice for team

ST. LOUIS – As Evansville’s D.J. Balentine was firing up one shot after another, 21 in all during Friday’s game against Wichita State, something else started to impress me about the Shockers. And there is no shortage of things that impress me about the Shockers.

Bob Lutz: It’s Shockers’ time to make St. Louis theirs

Gregg Marshall ducked the question, simple as it was.

Bob Lutz: Shocker immortality a few wins away

We know Wichita State’s basketball team is … undefeated. And really good, perhaps even great.

Bob Lutz: This Shocker era shines as brightly as any

Ernie Moore picked up the phone and, once he knew who was calling, he spoke the words so many have spoken this basketball season: “How ’bout them Shocks?”

Bob Lutz: A wild Shocker ride reaches its first stop

Ron Baker was a high school senior and high school basketball recruiters weren’t exactly blazing a trail to Scott City.

Bob Lutz: Wichita State’s Kadeem Coleby sacrificed for success

Kadeem Coleby started 20 games as a junior at Louisiana-Lafayette. He averaged 9.5 points and 4.9 rebounds and he was on the floor a lot. It was a good life in the Sun Belt Conference, but Coleby wanted more.

Bob Lutz: Choosing Wichita State’s MVP a guarded decision

It’s not easy to determine Wichita State’s MVP. There are three candidates — point guard Fred VanVleet, shooting guard Ron Baker and forward Cleanthony Early — and a fourth, Tekele Cotton, who would be justified in making a claim.

Bob Lutz: Shockers’ perfect season builds toward stunning climax

Wichita State has back-to-back 30-win seasons. That’s never happened.

Bob Lutz: These Jayhawks frustrate, then flourish

It doesn’t always work for Kansas. These young players aren’t always where they’re supposed to be. They take questionable shots at times, forget to box out their opponents and let what appear to be safe leads evaporate in minutes, sometimes seconds.

Bob Lutz: Haters still hatin’ on these Shockers

You got anything new you want to say about this incredible Wichita State basketball team? Because it’s getting harder and harder to find new adjectives.

Bob Lutz: From 15 feet, these Shockers are automatic

I know why you’re giddy, Shocker basketball fans. And it has nothing to do with 28-0.

Bob Lutz: Fans of the lone unbeaten can dare to dream

But it was just my imagination,

Bob Lutz: Wichita State’s projected road full of interesting sights

Let’s jump ahead to March 20 and the NCAA Tournament because, well, every Wichita State basketball fan wants to.

Wichita State's best coach: Gregg Marshall or Ralph Miller?

For years, it has been indisputable. Ralph Miller is the greatest basketball coach in Wichita State history.

Bob Lutz: Aside from one very big change at the top, WSU baseball opening day was typical

Aside for one very big change at the top, opening day was typical

Bob Lutz: Shocker baseball’s next phase begins now

When Todd Butler took over as Wichita State’s baseball coach last June, one important detail of his job requirement was omitted.

Bob Lutz: SIU coach Barry Hinson doesn’t want to hear Shocker skeptics

Leave it to that great American orator, Barry Hinson, to spell out what makes Wichita State such a good basketball team.

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