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Bob Lutz: Shocker fans are awake from their dream, wishing it had gone on

This was a dream season for Wichita State basketball. You couldn’t help but let your mind wander as the wins started stacking up and the losses – well, a loss never materialized.

Bob Lutz: Early turns in another NCAA masterpiece

ST. LOUIS – Cleanthony Early is a young man who, more than most his age, understands life’s ups and downs.

Bob Lutz: Wiggins will leave on one of his worst days

ST. LOUIS – The one-and-done college basketball player needs to disappear. Oh, wait, that seems like what they do. Here one minute, gone the next.

Bob Lutz: Wichita State gets national eye for Kentucky matchup

Inexperienced Kentucky meets WSU squarely in national spotlight

Bob Lutz: Black’s plans for success coming around at KU

ST. LOUIS – Tarik Black is at Kansas, and there have been days when he’s had to remind himself that’s good enough.

Bob Lutz: Another inferior opponent, another focused Shocker effort

ST. LOUIS – A national sports reporter asked Cal Poly coach Joe Callero, after his team had just been walloped by Wichita State in the Midwest Regional’s 1-16 matchup Friday night, how the Shockers would stack up against the other good teams the Mustangs have played this season.

Bob Lutz: Kentucky presents the matchup everyone outside Kansas waited for

ST. LOUIS – A night that started with a technical foul during the pregame warmups because of Brian Rohleder’s illegal dunk didn’t get any better for Kansas State.

Bob Lutz: Frankamp gives Kansas a needed spark

ST. LOUIS – For a while Friday, Conner Frankamp was the most important player on the floor for Kansas. For a long while, in fact.

Bob Lutz: It took a selection committee to get everybody together

ST. LOUIS – We’re all here, everybody who plays for, coaches, writes about, talks about or administrates one of the three Division I basketball teams in Kansas.

Bob Lutz: Really, it’s not easy being Ron Baker

ST. LOUIS – Ron Baker an introvert?

Bob Lutz: Andrew Wiggins catches up to the hype machine

ST. LOUIS – Andrew Wiggins started his college basketball career at Kansas as a marked man. And an overhyped kid.

Bob Lutz: Two more St. Louis wins is barometer for WSU season

Wichita State hasn’t lost a game this season, but there are sure a lot of people waiting anxiously for it to happen.

Bob Lutz: Ellis playing his way toward stardom

I like Perry Ellis. I like him a lot.

Bob Lutz: K-State gets another tourney shot at Kentucky

ST. LOUIS – Mr. K-State, Ernie Barrett, has been waiting 63 years for this.

The other Wildcats have a shot in St. Louis, too

I want to apologize to the Kansas State basketball players, coaches, fans, administrators, Bill Snyder, the mayor of Manhattan and to anyone who loves or promotes the color purple, including Oprah Winfrey, Barney and the Purple People Eaters from the old-school Minnesota Vikings.

Bob Lutz: Tough road for Shockers, sure, so time to lace ’em up

We’re nearing the end of a gripping movie and the good guys have been winning every battle, taking every prisoner, coming out on top in every situation.

Bob Lutz: Gregg Marshall reaches a new level in coaching

It probably wasn’t fair to ask Gregg Marshall what makes him such a good basketball coach.

Bob Lutz: South wins again on its terms

Playing basketball against Wichita South’s girls is like being in a dentist’s chair and being asked to open your mouth as a drill buzzes inches away.

Bob Lutz: Blue Aces have what it takes to join East’s tradition

The basketball tradition at East High oozes from the gymnasium walls. It’s everywhere, unavoidable, dating back to a time when the current players’ great grandparents were being born, and not always in hospitals.

Shocker assistants find success in same pipeline

What do Wichita State assistant basketball coaches Chris Jans, Greg Heiar and Steve Forbes have in common?

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