High School baseball schedules

03/22/2010 12:00 AM

03/22/2010 8:46 AM

City League


Tuesday—South at Campus. Thursday— Goddard vs. North at Westurban, Sunrise vs. West at Westurban. 27— Junction City and Campus vs. Carroll at Westurban, Blue Valley and Olathe North vs. Northwest at Westurban. 29— East vs. West at Westurban. 30— Garden City vs. Heights at McAdams, Northwest at Goddard.


1—West vs. North at Westurban, Northwest vs. Heights at Westurban, Carroll vs. East at Westurban. 3— Games at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium: West vs. North, Southeast vs. South, Northwest vs. Heights, Carroll vs. East. 5— South vs. Northwest at Westurban, Heights vs. East at Westurban, South vs. Northwest at Westurban. 6— Kapaun vs. North at McAdams, West vs. Carroll at Westurban, Winfield vs. Southeast at Westurban. 8— Dodge City at South, West at Word of Life. 9— Hays and McPherson vs. Kapaun at Westurban, East at Maize South. 12— Carroll at South, Northwest vs. East at Westurban. 13— North vs. Southeast at Westurban, Kapaun vs. Heights at McAdams. 15— North at Garden City. 16— Southeast at Dodge City. 19— Southeast vs. Heights at McAdams, South vs. Kapaun at Westurban. 20—East vs. North at Westurban, West vs. Northwest at Westurban. 22— Southeast vs. West at Westurban, North at South. 23— Heights vs. Bishop Carroll at Westurban, Northwest vs. Kapaun at Westurban. 26— South vs. East at Westurban, West vs. Kapaun at Westurban, North vs. Heights at McAdams. 27— South vs. West at Westurban, Kapaun vs. Carroll at Westurban. 29— Heights at South, Kapaun vs. Southeast at Westurban. 30— Dodge City vs. East at Westurban, Carroll vs. Northwest at Westurban.


3—North vs. Carroll at Westurban, Southeast vs. Northwest at Westurban. 4— East vs. Kapaun at Westurban, Heights vs. West at Westurban. 6— Goddard vs. Carroll at Westurban. 10— Carroll vs. Southeast at Westurban. 11— Heights at Dodge City, East vs. Southeast at Westurban, North vs. Northwest at McAdams, Arkansas City vs. Kapaun at Westurban. 13— Kapaun at Arkansas City. 14— Maize vs. Northwest at Westurban.

Area schools


23—South at Campus. 25— Rose Hill at El Dorado, Valley Center at Andover Central, Augusta at Andale. 26— Garden City and Derby at Newton, Goddard vs. North at Westurban. 27— Bishop Carroll and Junction City vs. Campus at Westurban, Olathe North and Blue Valley at Maize. 29— Bluestem at Belle Plaine, Oxford at West Elk, Haven at Nickerson, Clearwater at Andover. 30— Bartlesville (Okla.) at Arkansas City, Chase County at Moundridge, Northwest at Goddard, Bishop Carroll at Maize.


1— Salina South at McPherson, Collegiate at Hillsboro, Kingman and Haven at El Dorado, Andover Central at Wellington, Blue Valley West and Arkansas City vs. Maize at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, Inman at Moundridge, Newton at Salina Central. 2— Campus at Derby. 5— Andover Central at Andale, El Dorado at Wellington, Bluestem at Douglass, Augusta at Clearwater. 6— Collegiate at Marion, Arkansas City at Derby, Campus at Goddard, McPherson at Salina Central, Moundridge at Sedgwick, Nickerson at Halstead. 7— Wichita Trinity at Collegiate. 8— Maize at Hutchinson, Newton at Great Bend, Oxford at Bluestem. 9— Goddard and Andover Central vs. BV West at Goddard, Hays and McPherson at Kapaun. 10— Goddard and Andover Central vs. BV North at Goddard. 12— Circle at Clearwater, Buhler at Andover Central, El Dorado at Augusta, Oxford at Cedar Vale. 13— Chaparral at Bluestem, McPherson at Hutchinson, Goddard at Arkansas City, Smoky Valley at Collegiate, Bennington at Moundridge, Maize at Campus, Salina South at Newton, Nickerson at Sterling. 15— Oxford at Elk Valley. 16— Collegiate at Halstead, Clearwater at Central-Burden, Salina South at Goddard, Moundridge at Ell-Saline, Valley Center at Campus, Hutchinson at Maize, McPherson at Arkansas City, Newton at Winfield, Marion at Nickerson. 19— Goddard at Salina Central, Rose Hill at Augusta, Belle Plaine at Bluestem, Clearwater at El Dorado, Oxford at Derby Homeschool. 20— Hutchinson at Salina South, Lyons at Collegiate, Arkansas City at Campus, Moundridge at Canton-Galva, Maize at Derby, Winfield at McPherson, Valley Center at Newton, Nickerson at Hoisington. 22— August at Andover Central, Andale at Clearwater, Bluestem at Independent, El Dorado at Andover, Oxford at Central Burden. 23— Goddard at Hutchinson, Campus at McPherson, Maize at Salina Central, Little River at Moundridge, Hoisington at Collegiate, Newton at Arkansas City, Smoky Valley at Nickerson. 26— Buhler at Augusta, Andover Central at Augusta, Mulvane at El Dorado, Clearwater at Rose Hill, Medicine Lodge at Bluestem. 27— Arkansas City at Winfield, Maize at Salina South, Salina Central at Hutchinson, Derby at Goddard, Collegiate at Haven, Hillsboro at Nickerson, McPherson at Valley Center. 29— Douglass at Bluestem, Andover Central at El Dorado, Mulvane at Augusta, Clearwater at Kingman. 30— McPherson at Newton, Valley Center at Arkansas City, Nickerson at Lyons, Campus at Winfield, Moundridge at Inman, Maize at Goddard, Hutchinson at Derby.


4—Campus at Newton, Nickerson at Hesston, Hutchinson at Valley Center, Sedgwick at Moundridge. 6— Andover Central at Mulvane, Wellington at Clearwater, Augusta Andover, Buhler at El Dorado, Bluestem at Chaparral, Goddard vs. Bishop Carroll at Westurban. 7— Newton at Hutchinson, Collegiate at Nickerson, Larned at Oxford. 10— Augusta at Wellington, El Dorado at Circle, Wichita Trinity at Bluestem. 11— Clearwater and Independent at Collegiate, Arkansas City at Kapaun, Dodge City and Heights at Maize, Independent at Collegiate, Ellinwood at Nickerson, Moundridge at Herington, Hutchinson at McPherson. 13— Kapaun at Arkansas City. 14— Maize at Northwest, Hutchinson at Great Bend.

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