Wichita State Shockers

June 7, 2014

Champions revisited: Words to remember

“Maybe we shouldn’t play because we’re up there pretty high. It may be the highest you see us this season. Then again, it may not.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t play because we’re up there pretty high. It may be the highest you see us this season. Then again, it may not.”

– Coach Gene Stephenson on WSU’s No. 7 preseason ranking in Baseball America’s poll

“We got the big hit by McDonald that really just opened the game wide open. From that point on, I think you could probably almost hear the TVs clicking off around the country.”

– Stephenson after Mike McDonald’s grand slam helped WSU go up 6-0 in the first inning of a 13-2 win over Georgia Tech on ESPN

“We’re good. We got the chemistry to do it all. We got a little power, great speed, great defense, great pitching. We know the way to win, so we go out and win.”

– McDonald during a 23-1 start to the season

“As far as I’m concerned, they can have their league without Wichita State. We don’t need to be in a league that doesn’t want to compete and compete on a national level. My recommendation would be that we pull completely out of this mess.”

– Stephenson after rain wiped out most of a four-game series at Bradley and MVC officials angered the coach by cutting down the series instead of mandating more games

“I will say things to him that I can’t believe I said when I cool down. I’ve told him I think he does things just to piss me off. The good side is, he does not hold a grudge.”

– Pitching coach Brent Kemnitz, describing the fiery give-and-take that exists between Stephenson and his coaches and his players

“I’m damned disappointed.”

– Athletic director Tom Shupe after WSU was not awarded one of eight NCAA regional sites

“Sometimes he flies off the handle before he thinks, so I’ll go right back at him. Either he’ll realize he was wrong, or I’ll realize I was wrong, or neither one of us will give in and we’ll just forget about it.”

– Catcher Eric Wedge on Stephenson’s postgame tongue lashings

“Some pitcher must have done that. They get silly like that. But they’re right, we did win. And we’re going to Omaha.”

– Second baseman P.J. Forbes, after a teammate scratched “We Win” in the dirt in front of their dugout at Fresno State, site of the West II Regional

“We expected to be in Omaha. We weren’t going to settle for anything less.”

– Wedge

“We had to win three games in what seemed like an almost impossible situation. It was just a marvelous accomplishment, really just a marvelous accomplishment. Whether we are able to do anything in Omaha or not, what we did here is absolutely astounding. Not outstanding, but astounding.”

– Stephenson after the Shockers won three elimination games to reach Omaha

“That was just a little too much Greg Brummett.”

– Arkansas coach Norm DeBriyn after a 3-1 loss to WSU to open the College World Series

“On paper, it must look like we don’t stand a chance. They’ll have their ace, we won’t. They’re rested, we aren’t. They’re healthy, we aren’t. We might not have nine healthy people to put out there.”

– Stephenson with the Shockers facing Florida State, needing to win twice, to stay alive

“We are not through. We came here to win this thing. I will settle for nothing less.”

– Wedge after a 12-9 victory over Florida State put the Shockers into the title game against Texas

“Gene Stephenson should be bronzed for the job he’s done. With the stuff he’s lost: two starters, plus the guy with the stress fracture on first base, they were still a very good baseball team.”

– Florida State coach Mike Martin

“I can win ballgames if I can go out there and feel mean. You can’t be intimidated. You’ve got to be a spike, and that’s how I got my nickname.”

– Brummett before the championship game

“The great ones always smell the end.”

– Kemnitz on Brummett’s ninth-inning performance in the 5-3 win over Texas

“I wanted to finish worse than anything ever in my whole life. No one was going to get in my way.”

– Brummett

“Eric Wedge is finally completely satisfied right now.”

– Wedge

“We’ve tried for so many years to run a great program and do it in such a way that it would make people proud around the country. Now it finally happened and we’re not going to be second fiddle to anybody.”

– Stephenson

“Prior to Saturday, everybody around the country knew this sign meant ‘Hook ’em Horns.’ Now they know it means ‘They’re No. 2, we’re No. 1.’ ”

– City councilman Frank Ojile on Texas’ hand sign, during a downtown parade

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