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March 4, 2014

20 questions to test your inner Shockerness

If you’re new to Shocker basketball, you won’t be able to correctly answer many of these. If you think Jamar Howard played in the old days, this quiz is probably not for you, either.

If you’re new to Shocker basketball, you won’t be able to correctly answer many of these. If you think Jamar Howard played in the old days, this quiz is probably not for you, either.

But if you remember that the University of Utah was the first opponent in the Roundhouse in 1955, or if you know that two Shocker retired jersey players wore different numbers in their first seasons, then this is right up your alley. Good luck.

1. Xavier McDaniel tried out for the 1984 U.S. Olympic team, but didn’t make coach Bob Knight’s final cut. But there was a Shocker who played in the basketball tournament in Los Angeles that year. Name him.

2. Where did Fairmount College play its home games in its inaugural 1905-06 season?

3. Eddie Fogler’s first loss as WSU was memorable. In a 1986 home game against Fordham, the Rams took a 91-83 lead in the second overtime with 12 seconds to play. WSU’s Joe Griffin hit a three-pointer to cut the lead to five with one second to play. How did WSU almost take the game to a third OT?

4. Dave Stallworth played his final two WSU games on Jan. 29-30, 1965, one at Loyola in Chicago and the next night at home against Louisville. How many combined points did he score to end his career?

5. In 1964, the Shockers and Drake tied for the MVC title and needed a playoff game to decide the Valley’s representative in the NCAA Tournament. Where was that playoff game (a 58-50 Shocker victory) held?

6. What was coach Ralph Miller’s record in 12 games at Bradley’s Robertson Field House?

7. How many Shocker head coaches appeared in the NCAA Tournament as players?

8. Gene Smithson's 1979 recruiting class was made up of nine players. Seven became regulars, three were from Wichita, two had jerseys retired, two lasted one season, and two were relatives of coaching staff members. Can you name all nine?

9. Name the three former Shockers who played on NBA championship teams.

10. Cleanthony Early this season became the 42nd Shocker to reach 1,000 points, but only the second to do it in two seasons. Who was the first?

11. Original designs for WU Field House in the early 1950s would’ve meant it wouldn’t be nicknamed the Roundhouse. What shape did the original design call for?

12. There are 42 Shockers who have achieved 1,000 career points. Name the five states that produced the most number of members of the club.

13. Coach Gary Thompson was fired in 1971 after a fourth straight losing season. What opposing coach did he beat during the Shockers’ final home victory that season?

14. In three seasons, Coach Eddie Fogler’s teams went 40-4 in regular-season home games (1986-89). How many of those four losses came in overtime?

15. The 1982-83 Shockers, led by Antoine Carr and Xavier McDaniel, went 25-3. Who beat WSU that season?

16. “If you ever had a feeling you didn’t want to leave some place, that’s the feeling I had. I really don’t want to leave because people have been so kind to me.” Which Shocker great said it after his final home game: Dave Stallworth, Cheese Johnson, Antoine Carr or Xavier McDaniel?

17. When WSU beat Oklahoma State in the 1965 Midwest Regional final, earning its first Final Four bid, who was the tallest starter and how tall was he?

18. In 1989, WSU’s Sasha Radunovich and Indiana State’s Darrin Lyles got into a first-half altercation, with Lyles punching Radunovich. Both men were ejected, as was the entire Indiana State bench for leaving the sideline to participate. WSU won the game 84-69, but what was the score in the 21 minutes, 46 seconds in which Indiana State played with four or fewer players?

19. What Shocker player hit a jumper in the waning seconds of a 1954 game that gave Wichita a rare victory over Henry Iba and Oklahoma A&M in Gallagher Hall?

20. In the 1981 Battle of New Orleans, what Shocker played all 40 minutes of the 66-65 victory over Kansas?


1. Bob Trogele, a Shocker from 1975-79, played for the West German team in L.A. as Ulrich Peters. Trogele was his adopted father’s name he took joining his family in Somers, N.Y.

2. Home games were played in the college building’s basement.

3. Fordham prematurely celebrated by dumping a bucket of water on coach Bob Quinn. Water spilled onto the court and a technical foul was assessed. WSU’s Gary Cundiff made two free throws and Gus Santos buried a three-pointer, but his game-tying shot was ruled to have left his hand just after the buzzer.

4. Stallworth scored 45 points in a 93-92 overtime loss at Loyola, then returned home to score 40 points in a 96-76 win over Louisville.

5. The playoff game was held at KU’s Allen Fieldhouse.

6. 0-12.

7. Five: Ralph Miller (Kansas), Eddie Fogler (North Carolina), Scott Thompson (Iowa), Randy Smithson (WSU), Mark Turgeon (Kansas).

8. Smithson's recruiting class was freshmen Chris Boyd, Antoine Carr, James Gibbs, Ozell Jones and Cliff Levingston; and transfers James Carr, Jay Jackson, Mike Jones and son Randy Smithson.

9. Nate Bowman (1970 Knicks), Dave Stallworth (1970 Knicks) and Cliff Levingston (1991 and 1992 Bulls).

10. Maurice Evans scored 1,007 points from 1997-99 before transferring to Texas.

11. Preliminary plans called for an hourglass-shaped arena with no seating on either baseline, an elevated court that could be used as a stage, and seating only beyond both sidelines.

12. Kansas has produced 13 1,000-point Shockers, followed by Texas (7), New York (6), Missouri (5) and Pennsylvania (4).

13. Thompson beat his successor, North Texas State coach Harry Miller, 84-81.

14. All four.

15. WSU lost road games at New Orleans, Memphis State and Illinois State.

16. Carr, after his 47-point final game as a Shocker on March 5, 1983.

17. Dave Leach was 6-foot-5.

18. Indiana State outscored WSU 44-43 while playing with four, three and finally two players.

19. Paul Scheer

20. Randy Smithson, who had 16 points and seven assists.

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