We asked the Shockers: Day 4

04/05/2013 4:55 PM

08/06/2014 12:47 AM

We asked the Shockers some off-beat questions this week. Here’s what they had to say.

Question: During the National Anthem, do you listen to the song, critique the singer in your head, or tune it all out?

Malcolm Armstead: “I pray. I listen. Sometimes I sing a little bit.”

Ron Baker: “I’m just thinking about family and friends usually. Just thinking about the game. Play hard, play smart, take care of the little things.”

Zach Bush: “If I’m playing, I’d always pray. Now, I just think and … enjoy it all.”

Cleanthony Early: “I pay attention and try to see how good the person singing it is.”

Chadrick Lufile: “It’s so hard not to critique the singer. I listen, but I critique, too.”

Fred VanVleet: “It just depends on the moment. If it’s good, I’m enjoying it. If it’s bad, ‘Get it over with.’ Sometimes I sing along, sometimes I’m saying a prayer.”

Jake White: “I’m praying. I’ve done that ever since I started playing. That’s my routine.”

Nick Wiggins: “I just try to stay focused on the game and show my respect.”

Demetric Williams: “I actually listen to the voice of the person who’s singing it. I like to see if they have a good voice.”

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