We asked the Shockers: Day 1

04/02/2013 5:16 PM

08/06/2014 12:42 AM

Ask Wichita State basketball players the same question, you’ll get many answers. Or one.

We’ll publish a question asked of the Shockers, and some of their responses, each day this week.

Question 1: After beating Ohio State, who was the first person you called or texted?

Malcolm Armstead: "I really don’t know who I called or texted ... I went straight for my mom and dad, who were in the stands."

Ron Baker: “I called one of my good friends on the track team when he was in Arkansas. Marcus Moeder. He’s from western Kansas, too.”

Zach Bush: “There was a lot of people. I talked to my mom and dad right after the game, they were there. And then call or text, my best friend Jordan.”

Cleanthony Early: "I really can’t be sure ... by the time I got back to my phone it had blown up so much with text messages and missed calls. I just started trying to answer as many as I could."

Derail Green: “My dad. (I texted) ‘We won’ with exclamation marks.”

Carl Hall: "My phone basically slowed to a stop, it was getting so many texts and calls ... I’m not sure who I answered first."

Chadrack Lufile: “I think I called my dad. I was praying before the game and it was one the of biggest games of my life. My dad’s a minister and I look up to him a lot.”

Fred Van Vleet: “I called my mom and my girlfriend, and after that I let my phone ring a while, didn’t pick it up or touch it.”

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