University of Kansas

July 1, 2013

Kansas returns Jayhawk logo to its helmets

The bird is back.

The bird is back.

Kansas football coach Charlie Weis unveiled five new helmets on Monday, with four of them featuring the Jayhawk logo. The fifth helmet is a throwback baby blue version with white numbers on the side.

The blue, white and black helmets all feature the modern Jayhawk logo, while a red version has the famous “1941” World War II-era “Warhawk.”

Since the mid-1980s, KU helmets have mostly featured different versions of “KU” lettering. The Jayhawk hasn’t been consistently been on the KU helmet since the early 1980s.

KU currently has five jersey options in the same colors as the new helmets, so the Jayhawks now have 25 jersey-helmet combinations.

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