Big 12 Schedule

11/05/2011 12:00 AM

11/05/2011 12:09 AM

All times p.m. unless noted


9—Liberty at Texas A&M, 7.

11—SE Missouri St. at Missouri, 7; Charleston Southern at Kansas St., 7; Texas A&M-Corpus Christi at Oklahoma St., 7; Idaho St. at Oklahoma, 7; Towson at Kansas, 7; Troy at Texas Tech, 8; Texas Southern at Baylor, 9.

12—Lehigh at Iowa St., 1.

13—Southern at Texas A&M, 3.

14—Mercer at Missouri, 7; Loyola at Kansas St., 7.

15—San Diego St. at Baylor, 1; Rhode Island at Texas, 3; Ark.-Pine Bluff at Oklahoma St., 7; Iowa St. at Drake, 8; Kentucky vs. Kansas at New York, 8.

16—Oral Roberts or Texas-San Antonio at Oklahoma St., 7; North Texas at Texas Tech, 7.

17—Mississippi St. vs. Texas A&M at New York, 6; Niagara at Missouri, 7.

18—Texas A&M vs. Arizona or St. John's at New York, TBA; Coppin St. at Oklahoma, 7.

19—Oregon St. vs. Texas at East Rutherford, N.J., 8.

20—Western Carolina at Iowa St., 12:30; Stephen F. Austin at Texas Tech, 2.

21—Notre Dame vs. Missouri at Kansas City, Mo., 6:30; Georgetown vs. Kansas at Lahaina, Hawaii, 11; Texas vs. N.C. State or Vanderbilt at East Rutherford, N.J., TBA.

22—Md.-Eastern Shore at Kansas St., 7; N. Colorado at Iowa St., 7; South Carolina St. at Baylor, 9; Missouri vs. California or Georgia at Kansas City, TBA; Kansas vs. Chaminade or UCLA at Lahaina, Hawaii, TBA.

23—Texas-Arlington at Baylor, 7; Kansas vs. TBA at Lahaina, Hawaii, TBA; Oklahoma St. vs. TBA at New York, TBA.

24—Oklahoma vs. Washington St. at Anaheim, Calif., 10:30; Indiana St. vs. Texas Tech at Orlando, Fla., 11.

25—Providence vs. Iowa St. at South Padre Island, Texas, 7:30; Oklahoma vs. TBA at Anaheim, Calif., TBA; Oklahoma St. vs. TBA at New York, TBA; Texas Tech vs. DePaul or Minnesota at Orlando, Fla., TBA.

26—Texas A&M-Corpus Christi at Texas A&M, 3; Rice vs. Iowa St. at South Padre Island, Texas, 6:30; Sam Houston St. at Texas, 7.

27—Texas Tech vs. TBA at Orlando, Fla., TBA; Oklahoma vs. TBA at Anaheim, Calif., TBA; Binghamton at Missouri, 2.

29—Prairie View at Baylor, 7; North Texas at Texas, 7.

30—Northern Iowa at Iowa St., 7; Alcorn St. at Texas A&M, 7; Tulsa at Oklahoma St., 7; Florida Atlantic at Kansas, 7.


1—Georgetown at Kansas St., 7; Texas Tech at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, 7.

2—Northwestern St. at Missouri, 7; Sacramento St. at Oklahoma, 7.

3—Iowa St. at Michigan, 11 a.m.; Texas at UCLA, 3:30; South Florida at Kansas, 4:15; Stephen F. Austin at Texas A&M, 7.

4—Baylor at Northwestern, 3; Kansas St. at Virginia Tech, 4:30; Langston at Oklahoma St., 5.

6—Weber St. vs. Missouri at New York, 6; Texas Tech at TCU, 6; Texas-Arlington at Texas, 7; Prairie View at Iowa St., 7; Long Beach St. at Kansas, 8.

7—Oklahoma St. at Missouri St., 7; Sam Houston St. at Texas A&M, 7.

8—Oral Roberts at Oklahoma, 7; West Virginia vs. Kansas St. at Wichita, 8.

9—Iowa at Iowa St., 7.

10—Pittsburgh vs. Oklahoma St. at New York, 1:30; Arkansas at Oklahoma, 2; Ohio St. at Kansas, 2:15; Navy at Missouri, 4; Texas St. at Texas, 7; La.-Monroe at Texas A&M, 7.

11—North Florida at Kansas St., 1.

13—Nicholls St. at Texas, 7.

14—Bethune-Cookman at Baylor, 7.

15—Kennesaw St. at Missouri, 7.

17—Baylor at BYU, 1; Temple at Texas, 1:30; Texas A&M vs. Florida at Sunrise, Fla., 1:30; Houston vs. Oklahoma at Oklahoma City, 7; Alabama vs. Kansas St. at Kansas City, Mo., 9; New Mexico vs. Oklahoma St. at Oklahoma City, 9:30.

18—Central Michigan at Iowa St., 1; William & Mary at Missouri, 2; Grambling St. at Texas Tech, 7.

19—Paul Quinn at Baylor, 7; Davidson vs. Kansas at Kansas City, Mo., 8.

21—Texas at North Carolina, 6; Lipscomb at Iowa St., 7; South Carolina St. at Oklahoma, 7; Oklahoma St. vs. Alabama at Birmingham, Ala., 8.

22—Kansas St. vs. Southern Illinois at Honolulu, 4:30; Rice at Texas A&M, 7; Texas Tech at Oral Roberts, 7; Illinois vs. Missouri at St. Louis, 8; Baylor vs. St. Mary's (Calif.) at Las Vegas, 8; Kansas at Southern Cal, 10.

23—Kansas St. vs. Clemson or UTEP at Honolulu, TBA; Baylor vs. West Virginia at Las Vegas, 8.

25—Kansas St. vs. TBA at Honolulu, TBA.

27—Cal St. Bakersfield at Texas Tech, 7.

28—Oklahoma St. at SMU, 5:30; Mississippi St. vs. Baylor at Dallas, 8.

29—Howard at Kansas, 7; Arkansas Tech at Texas A&M, 7; Oklahoma at Cincinnati, 8.

30—Missouri at Old Dominion, 6; SE Louisiana at Texas Tech, 7.

31—Virginia Tech at Oklahoma St., 11 a.m.; Mississippi Valley St. at Iowa St., noon; Howard at Kansas St., 1; Rice at Texas, 1; Northwestern St. at Oklahoma, 2; North Dakota at Kansas, 3.


2—Texas A&M at Baylor, 6.

3—Oklahoma at Missouri, 7.

4—Kansas St. at Kansas, 7; Texas Tech at Oklahoma St., 7; Texas at Iowa St., 8.

7—Baylor at Texas Tech, 12:30; Missouri at Kansas St., 12:30; Kansas at Oklahoma, 1; Iowa St. at Texas A&M, 3; Oklahoma St. at Texas, 6.

9—Oklahoma at Oklahoma St., 6.

10—Baylor at Kansas St., 7.

11—Missouri at Iowa St., 7; Kansas at Texas Tech, 8; Texas A&M at Texas, 8.

14—Texas at Missouri, noon; Kansas St. at Oklahoma, 12:30; Texas Tech at Texas A&M, 12:30; Oklahoma St. at Baylor, 2; Iowa St. at Kansas, 3.

16—Texas A&M at Missouri, 4:30; Baylor at Kansas, 8:30.

17—Texas Tech at Oklahoma, 7.

18—Texas at Kansas St., 8; Oklahoma St. at Iowa St., 8.

21—Kansas St. at Oklahoma St., 12:30; Missouri at Baylor, 1; Oklahoma at Texas A&M, 3; Kansas at Texas, 3; Iowa St. at Texas Tech, 4.

23—Texas A&M at Kansas, 8.

24—Baylor at Oklahoma, 7; Iowa St. at Texas, 8.

25—Missouri at Oklahoma St., 6:30; Kansas St. at Texas Tech, 8.

28—Texas at Baylor, noon; Texas Tech at Missouri, 12:30; Kansas at Iowa St., 1; Oklahoma St. at Texas A&M, 3; Oklahoma at Kansas St., 6.

30—Missouri at Texas, 8.

31—Oklahoma St. at Texas Tech, 7; Kansas St. at Iowa St., 8.


1—Baylor at Texas A&M, 8; Oklahoma at Kansas, 8.

4—Baylor at Oklahoma St., 12:30; Texas A&M at Kansas St., 3; Iowa St. at Oklahoma, 5; Texas Tech at Texas, 6; Kansas at Missouri, 8.

6—Missouri at Oklahoma, 6; Texas at Texas A&M, 8.

7—Iowa St. at Oklahoma St., 6; Texas Tech at Kansas St., 7.

8—Kansas at Baylor, 6.

11—Baylor at Missouri, 12:30; Kansas St. at Texas, 1; Oklahoma St. at Kansas, 3; Texas A&M at Iowa St., 3; Oklahoma at Texas Tech, 3.

13—Iowa St. at Baylor, 6; Kansas at Kansas St., 8.

14—Texas A&M at Texas Tech, 6; Texas at Oklahoma, 7.

15—Oklahoma St. at Missouri, 6.

18—Oklahoma at Iowa St., 12:30; Kansas St. at Baylor, 12:30; Missouri at Texas A&M, 1; Texas at Oklahoma St., 3; Texas Tech at Kansas, 7.

20—Baylor at Texas, 8.

21—Kansas St. at Missouri, 6.

22—Oklahoma St. at Oklahoma, 7; Texas Tech at Iowa St., 8; Kansas at Texas A&M, 8.

25—Iowa St. at Kansas St., 12:30; Oklahoma at Baylor, 12:30; Texas A&M at Oklahoma St., 1; Texas at Texas Tech, 3; Missouri at Kansas, 3.

27—Texas Tech at Baylor, 8; Kansas at Oklahoma St., 8.

28—Kansas St. at Texas A&M, 6.


3—Oklahoma St. at Kansas St., 12:30; Missouri at Texas Tech, 3; Texas A&M at Oklahoma, 3; Baylor at Iowa St., 6; Texas at Kansas, 8.

7-10—Big 12 Tournament at Kansas City, Mo.

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