September 1, 2012

16th annual Bob Lutz Reader Survey

It has been a year since the last Bob Lutz Reader Survey and so much has changed.

There is a new football coach at Kansas. There is a new men’s basketball coach at Kansas State.

I can’t think of much of anything else that has changed, but I’m sure something has.

Anyway, it’s time to see what readers think about some of the hottest topics of the day. I know they’re hot because people discuss them on Twitter.

Instead of the usual 20 questions, I’ve added one because this is a special survey, No. 16. And it’s important to me to know what you think.

The easiest way to respond is the form below, but you can also mail your votes to Eagle Sports Reader Survey, c/o Bob Lutz, 825 E. Douglas, Wichita, 67202. Or you can fax them to 316-268-6536.

The deadline for your answers is Sept. 9 and results will be shared in the newspaper on Sept. 16.

And yes, the survey will be posted on Facebook and Twitter because I’m cool that way. Enjoy.

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