Search 1999-2012 traffic accidents in Kansas

02/25/2014 6:44 PM

08/22/2014 6:06 PM

How to use this database: Enter the name of any driver — or the name of any two intersecting streets — to get a list of accidents meeting those criteria from 1999 through 2012.

You can search by the name of any county in the state, or enter the name of a single street to get a list of accidents occurring on that street.

Accidents occurring on numbered streets such as Second, Third or Ninth are listed under 2nd, 3rd or 9th in the data. Use the following protocol when searching for highways: I235 for Interstate 235, K015 for K-15, and U054 for U.S. 54. Accidents on U.S. 54 in Sedgwick County are listed under Kellogg.

Where we got the data: The data, which is compiled by the Kansas Department of Transportation, include information from 972,226 accidents that occurred Kansas during the 14-year period.

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