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What do you think about Century II? Share your experiences with us.

As the city studies how to compete for conventions, we want to know what you think about Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center. What experiences have you had there, and what do you think should happen now?

Are you buying health insurance through the exchange? Share your experiences with us.

Help us report on college tuition by telling us how the cost of college is affecting you

Tell us what you like or dislike about the Wichita area

What stories should we be covering?

Is there a way to make our communities safer?

How does the Affordable Care Act impact you?

Help us report on property taxes by sharing your experiences and knowledge

The governor wants to change how property taxes are levied in response to some complaints that taxes go up every year. Under the governor's proposal, if the value of homes or businesses in a city or county go up, the mill levy must go down by a corresponding amount, unless elected officials vote to raise taxes. Tell us about your experiences with property taxes.

Help us learn more about homeowners insurance in our region

Tell us why you donate time or money to charity

Americans gave $347 billion to charity last year. That doesn't include items and time that they donated. Reasons people have for giving vary from needing a tax deduction to wanting the warm glow that comes from helping others. Tell us why you donate your time or money to charity for a story scheduled to run Sunday, Nov. 25.

Tell us your memories of the Kansas State Fair

Help inform our coverage on the fluoride issue by sharing your knowledge and experiences

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