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Opinion Line Extra (July 8)

Is it racism that President Obama gets away with breaking constitutional law when others (white) have been impeached?

Opinion Line (July 8)

Political commercials airing now on TV are nauseatingly condescending to the electorate. They either make the subject a candidate for sainthood and the greatest patriot who ever lived, or they misrepresent and prevaricate about what the opponent has said or done. Who would vote for anyone who approves these messages?

Opinion Line (July 7)

While electricity, gas and water utilities frequently request rate increases to cover their cost of doing business, I can’t recall the last time my trash service raised its rates. It faces the same economic trials as other businesses, yet doesn’t transfer that burden to customers.

Opinion Line Extra (July 7)

You’re right. We should use its proper name, the Democratic People’s Party.

Opinion Line (July 6)

So now that corporations are citizens and can donate unlimited amounts to candidates and hold religious views, are they going to be voting next?

Opinion Line (July 5)

I am greatly offended by the suggestion that Americans died in Iraq in honor of our country and God, and that some still think Iraq was responsible for Sept. 11. Iraq had nothing to do with it. The whole thing was based on lies about weapons of mass destruction.

Opinion Line Extra (July 4)

A qualification for being president is that the candidate must be at least 35 years old. So why is Obama acting like an irate 2-year-old who needs a diaper change?

Opinion Line (July 4)

I celebrate the Fourth of July by reading the Declaration, honoring the founders, contemplating what it took to gain our independence and remembering those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice in service to America. Shoot fireworks if you must; just remember what it is you’re celebrating.

Opinion Line (July 3)

Hobby Lobby will continue to provide 16 of the 20 forms of contraception required under Obamacare. If 16 forms of contraception are not enough for you, maybe you need a large daily dose of self-restraint.

Opinion Line Extra (July 3)

Would someone explain to me how shooting off millions of wasted dollars on fireworks on July 4 is patriotic? All fireworks are made in China, which gets a big boost to its economy.

Opinion Line (July 2)

Wow – great decisions in the past two weeks by the Supreme Court. The do-gooder Obama pundits must be lined up at the top of the cliff.

Opinion Line Extra (July 2)

Wichita police officers: When you have your windshield wipers on, you must have your headlights on. This is the state law since 2006.

Opinion Line Extra (July 1)

I’d like to thank my boss, Gov. Sam Brownback, for the generous, and promised, $250 employee bonus. That amounts to 1 1/4 cents for every hour I worked for him last year. No respect for educators and no respect for state employees equals no support in November.

Opinion Line (July 1)

The conflict between abortion advocates and right-to-life folks is beginning to resemble the conflict between the Shiites and Sunnis.

Opinion Line Extra (June 30)

I don’t get it. You don’t have money to feed your kids breakfast and lunch during the school year. You don’t have money to pay for their meals during summer vacation. However, I see you in line buying fireworks. You all of a sudden have money for that?

Opinion Line (June 30)

An “at-will” employee can be called in and dismissed without review or explanation. Teachers are not at-will employees. They are professionals working under a contract. It is illegal for teachers to strike in the state of Kansas. They need due process. This is reality, not whining.

Opinion Line (June 29)

If you don’t like the scandal in the White House, check back tomorrow.

Opinion Line (June 28)

I remember when the U.S. sent a few “advisers” to Vietnam.

Opinion Line (June 27)

Everyone talks about bad bosses. Where’s all the talk about bad employees? The ones who feel entitled, the slackers, the ones who let others do the work, the ones who take too many cigarette breaks, etc. Let’s even the field regarding bad bosses versus bad employees.

Opinion Line Extra (June 27)

WSU president John Bardo needs to wake up and smell the fact that it is not a good thing to have fewer parking spots in the middle of campus due to plopping a new building right in the middle of it.

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