Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 5)

09/04/2014 7:03 PM

09/05/2014 12:03 AM

Why all the fuss about a few elk running loose in Wichita? In Anchorage, Alaska, they have moose running loose in the city year-round. The kids are taught to just leave them alone.

Law enforcement murders a harmless elk, yet Wichita police want to throw me in the can for shooting a rabid skunk on my own property. That’s about right.

Of course, a community organizer knows nothing about fighting terror. He didn’t know how six years ago either.

Seven months ago President Obama warned terrorists were streaming out of Iraq. Out in open country, they could have been decimated by rocket attacks. Now, it is impossible to bomb them without massive civilian casualties. They are committing murders and beheadings. He still does nothing.

That liberal quoting the Second Amendment of the Constitution must be reading a copy, because Obama has shredded the original Constitution.

At the time the Constitution was written, “regulated” meant “to make regular,” not “to restrict,” as is the case today. So a “well regulated Militia” means it is the people’s and the government’s responsibility to make sure that the militia is healthy and strong.

In a country founded on the belief of personal freedom of speech and thought, it is shameful that our political parties bully anyone who fails to follow their policies. No American religion, race or gender would dare to treat another religion, race or gender the way our supposed leaders do each other.

The Keystone XL pipeline will employ at most a handful of people at first and fewer in the future. The question is not if the pipeline will fail, it’s when. Do you really want to take the chance of destroying the drinking water of Kansas for a couple of jobs?

Kudos to The Eagle editorial board for its unfailing support of Democrat Paul Davis. And the politically left-leaning teachers union, which is so righteous, “doing it for the kids.” We can elect this man and follow the other states on the failing list, all replete with Democrat leaders.

Gov. Sam Brownback: You can stop the interminable dishonest and misleading political ads now. You are not going to be re-elected.

Kris Kobach claims voters are not inconvenienced by his demands that they provide documentation to prove their right to vote. However, when asked to provide a copy of his tax return to back up his claim that his outside activities are insignificant, he dismisses the request as “silly” and inconvenient.

Since Kobach thinks it is intrusive to show his tax returns, let’s get busy and send him out of office. No doubt he doesn’t want people to know how much he is making working for other states while in office for the state of Kansas.

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