Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 2)

09/01/2014 7:04 PM

09/02/2014 12:04 AM

I agree with the late George Carlin’s statement that the Bible is full of retribution and revenge. That is why we have executions for some criminals, because we use it as a purification rite. Corporations could make a lot of money by having sponsored televised executions. Maybe pay-per-view.

Public schools should have patriotic ceremonies concerning the U.S. Constitution. Sept. 17, 1787, is the date of its completion. Politicians are supposed to be bound by its chains. These were written to protect our liberties, but unscrupulous politicians have found loopholes to avoid the intent of the fathers.

Every captain knows that if you steer hard enough to the right (or left) for long enough, you will go around in circles. That applies especially to the ship of state. Course corrections are needed occasionally, but the safest route is based on sound research and involves the fewest radical turns.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s TV ad suggests there was $876.05 in the state piggybank when he took office. That amount recently was corrected to millions by his staff when questioned. Does a fib become the truth with repetition? That is not the kind of person I want running my state.

It doesn’t matter what Obama “inherited” from Bush; the fact is, we were in Iraq and we cut and run before it was stable, all so the president could say, “I got us out of Iraq.” Obama is largely to blame for the rise of ISIS.

How much of our cash did Obama offer Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to get him to resign? I’m willing to donate my last $8.39 if Obama will do the same.

Conservatives think everyone hates paying taxes. What folks actually hate is corporate welfare tax breaks, or seeing their taxes wasted on unneeded government projects simply so a politician can boast of bringing home the bacon. Both parties do it, but hypocritical Republicans are the worst offenders.

Having read the Bible shows you like to read. Quoting the Bible proves you sometimes memorize what you read. Living what the Bible teaches is all that really matters, so why do so many self-proclaimed Christians treat fellow humans and other creatures as if there is no hell?

“Stupid” continues to expand and run rampant. “Give us legal pot” is the latest cry. People can’t drive now with alcohol, cellphones and other focuses, and they want to add more? Not in Wichita. Let it come and vote common sense.

Imagine if your uninvited neighbor just walked into your house and used all your electricity, water and ate your food. They didn’t pay for anything and wouldn’t ever leave. Welcome to the USA. We are in big trouble.

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