Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 1)

08/31/2014 7:04 PM

09/01/2014 12:04 AM

The law needs to change if property owners can get away with owing millions of dollars in unpaid taxes. Collect the money owed and forget the new sales tax.

Obama’s thinning of reconnaissance personnel in the Middle East is now allowing the growth of terrorism in that area.

If citizens, including a recent letter writer, would do just a bit of research regarding the substance of House bills awaiting Senate consideration, they would wisely not risk their own reputation by citing the number and calling it the “problem.”

I still can hardly believe that our own president, and the people he’s hired, hate our country so much as to not only allow but facilitate the southern border situation. Obama hates this country; he has no respect for the law.

Obama will act alone on immigration. It is a point of no return on both sides of the border, and on both sides of the immigration issue. On that day, the president will lace up his Nikes and “Just Do It.” Then we can all go on with our lives.

Anyone who would actually still cast a vote for Gov. Sam Brownback should be ashamed of themselves.

If Sam Brownback is doing such a good job with the budget, then why is the former state budget director saying that the state will go in the hole by the end of the next fiscal year? And why have the two major credit agencies downgraded our credit rating?

A friend in his 70s who worked hard all his life retired a couple years ago. He said last year he paid the largest tax bill from the state of Kansas that he has ever seen in his lifetime.

Where were you four years ago, Keen Umbehr? I would have voted for you in a heartbeat, and I am a Republican. This year I’m voting for Paul Davis, as I think he has the best chance to beat Brownback.

A freshman football phenom hits a female student in the face, breaking multiple bones. He is charged with a misdemeanor. She might be disfigured for life, but will have surgery to repair the damage. Why is he not expelled from OU? Figure that one out.

If only the community of Ferguson, Mo., reacted as strongly against all violent acts, there soon would be no crime and no need for a police force.

When I walk out the door, I am immediately judged as a “white male” who despises people of different skin color. When will this discrimination stop?

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