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August 31, 2014

Opinion Line (Sept. 1)

If you really want to make your boss look bad, work harder when he isn’t there.

If you really want to make your boss look bad, work harder when he isn’t there.

Why would the three spendthrifts on the Sedgwick County Commission waste $5 million buying a building with little parking for a tag office? Across the street from Towne West Square is a huge empty building and parking lot. It may cost less and handle parking better.

I applaud the city for considering whether to do something different with Clapp Golf Course. How about a park that everyone could use, with walking trails? I am against allowing developers to use part of this land. We need more urban green spaces.

To a school bus driver on South Seneca: Turning on your flashers and displaying your stop signs when I’m a few feet from you and traveling 40 mph does not give me an opportunity to stop. Your honking and finger-pointing do not help.

Because Dillons keeps making bigger stores, I haven’t been to a Dillons in more than a year. I’m handicapped. I’m just among the first of baby boomers who, as we age, will avoid big stores.

If the governor and Kansas House and Senate want us to gamble in their casinos, then they should allow us to deduct our losses against our wins.

Remember who the president’s secretary of state was when the world started to go flat – Hillary Clinton.

Is Ted Cruz, born in Canada, eligible to run for president? Does this sound familiar? Here we go again, Well, late-night TV comics will have more material.

Ask your congressman to support H.R. 3040, the Safe Freight Act. The railroad industry wants to cut thousands of jobs to operate many trains with just one person on board. This is a safety issue for the general public.

IRS employees are members of a union that gives more than 95 percent of its political donations to the Democratic Party. The IRS targets conservative groups and individuals. Our president says there is not a “smidgen” of corruption in the IRS. Am I missing something?

Contemplating Obama, let’s not be like Charlie Brown. He stands poised to run at Lucy’s perfectly placed football. After six years, if we still believe the president’s promises, we should know that we will find ourselves flat on our backs looking up from the ground.

Reinstating Pete Rose would be like reinstating Lance Armstrong. Both are professional liars who deserve their earned reputation.

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