Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 29)

08/28/2014 7:02 PM

08/29/2014 12:02 AM

I’ll remember forever the photo of Obama yukking it up on the golf cart after his press conference about the tragic death of James Foley.

Obama is exhibiting exactly the shortfall of black America – wag tongue with no experience to back empty words with no meaning.

We did not elect a black president. We selected a half-white president. No matter how you look at it, his issues are not those of the African-American community. He will do nothing to help African-Americans. But then you knew that when you voted for him.

Every time I watch the news where “police” is one of the words, they use the word “cop.” Why? When I was growing up it was always “police officer” or “policeman” or “Officer (name).” I’m not sure that change is a good thing.

The media can stop referring to Michael Brown as an “unarmed teenager” anytime. That alleged fact does not need to be reiterated.

Where were all the “protesters” when the Carr brothers shot five unarmed, innocent people in Wichita? Oh, and we know O.J. Simpson didn’t “do it,” right?

I would wager that if slavery were on the Missouri ballot, it would pass by an overwhelming majority.

There is only one reason why people such as Marc Rhoades and Kris Kobach get elected: Too many kind, moderate Republicans have gotten so sick of the electoral process in Kansas that they have washed their hands of the whole mess. And that’s a shame for all of us.

Of course the Kansas Department for Children and Families is moving from downtown and away from convenient bus routes. DCF officials probably hope the harder it is for people to get to their offices, the fewer will come. They won’t have to provide as many services and will save the state some money.

We have been barraged with diet foods for 40 years. The outcome? A lot of us weigh substantially more. Now they are saying they may have overstated the dangers of eggs, butter and other foods. Why should we believe anything these Chicken Little imitators have to say?

After speaking with the Wichita public works and utilities department, I realized that most government services could and should be privatized. Customer service and actual solutions to actual problems are important, whether the service is provided by the government or not.

One very important element of keeping your customers happy is to make your service delivery headache-free. Shuttle bus parking at WSU is not headache-free.

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