Opinion Line (Aug. 26)

08/25/2014 7:04 PM

08/26/2014 12:04 AM

As treacherous as the murder of James Foley was, at least it should wake up the world to what a group of barbarians ISIS is. We need to do what it takes to squash these cockroaches.

ISIS wants to create a “caliphate,” the last four letters of which are h-a-t-e. When will people understand this?

Americans should watch the unedited version of the beheading of the American journalist and then ask themselves, “Do I feel like playing golf?”

Can we have a special recall election for the president of the USA?

I think Gov. Sam Brownback wants Kansas to have a Third World economy so businesses will move their manufacturing here. Maybe his next step in the process will be to eliminate the minimum wage.

The Kansas budget will get worse. Our legislators will say we need to give the income tax cuts time and more time. But to balance the budget, they will raise property and/or sales taxes – tax increases on the people who can least afford them.

The KCC approves all utility rates, as it has done for Westar Energy many times, and then the KCC files a complaint that Westar is making too much money. Obviously at the KCC the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

So Westar might have to give its customers a big decrease of 80 cents per month (Aug. 21 Eagle). We sure don’t want the shareholders to come up short. Big deal.

Westar never proposes any change that reduces its revenue or benefits consumers. Let it continue to charge the customers who use credit cards $2.95 for that convenience (Aug. 22 Business Today). I’ll buy some stamps and support the U.S. Postal Service.

Universities, schools, teachers, county, city, state – more money, more money, more money.

How much precious drinking water has been wasted by dumping it on people for a “challenge”? Anyone involved in such behavior has committed a crime against humanity, and those involved with ALS should be ashamed.

We stopped for lunch at Chick-fil-A. When our orders were rung up, we were told “no charge.” Puzzled, we ascertained our good fortune was not due to our great beauty or mature age. Many thanks to Chick-fil-A at 21st and Maize for a delightful surprise.

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