Opinion Line (Aug. 24)

08/23/2014 7:06 PM

08/24/2014 12:06 AM

Whom do you want sneaking up behind you now – the NSA or ISIS? The U.S. needs every bit of intelligence it can gather in order to defeat these evil terrorists and all other terrorist groups.

Regarding the ISIS video: The pope makes a statement saying to stop ISIS by any means. The British prime minister leaves vacation to meet with foreign policy leaders. President Obama talks for a few minutes and gets back to golf. Shocking and sad.

Obama has been trying to keep the U.S. from getting involved in another war in Iraq. I think those of you who support such a fight (in Iraq) should pack up your guns and go have at it.

What might happen in the Middle East if the very wealthy oil billionaires would stop hoarding wealth and begin paving roads, building houses and creating jobs that provide a living wage to the young people who have no option but to take up weapons?

Finally, there is something I can admire about Sam Brownback: It requires real courage to take Chris Christie out to lunch.

The state of Kansas exempted LLCs from paying state income taxes. Now apparently they think they don’t have to pay property taxes either. Another way to boost employment: Hire one or two people to go after these cheats.

With 28 pages of unpaid taxes in the paper, why would the city need a 1-cent sales tax? Why not just collect those taxes that are owed, or have a sale of those properties the taxes were not paid on?

When I was a kid, I was happy to say, “Hey, guys, let’s you fight.” Did you notice that the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce said, “Hey, you guys, let’s you pay the taxes”?

If our governor has created 55,000 jobs, they must be all the lawyers defending the dumb laws the Legislature has passed the last three years.

With all the “help wanted” signs I see around town, I’m not sure why the number of homeless is increasing. Drugs? Alcohol? Entitled? Lazy?

We have law enforcement officers who cannot be credible witnesses because of something in their background. Why are they even on the job in our community?

Ferguson, Mo., is a wake-up call such that if you are a nuisance, like walking in the street, and a police officer tells you to stop, you should probably stop. You definitely should not attack the officer or you may get shot.

Does anyone really believe that Darren Wilson can get a fair trial anywhere in this country?

I am sick and tired of the police bashing. Try walking in their shoes for a day. They are there to protect you. If you have a problem with them, evidently you or someone you know is breaking the law.

The WSU baseball team better get to Omaha soon or WSU president John Bardo and his builders will next be making plans for “better use” of the land that Eck Stadium sits on.

Am I the only person who doesn’t like “The Wizard of Oz” movie? I never liked it as a child and I still don’t like it.

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