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August 24, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 25)

The drug laws against marijuana remind me of the prohibition against alcohol. And you can see how well that worked.

The drug laws against marijuana remind me of the prohibition against alcohol. And you can see how well that worked.

Marijuana is a fun drug at first. But it’s just a stepping-stone that leads many to bigger “stones.”

The pot smokers think waiting until the spring ballot will increase their chance to pass because fewer people vote in that election. They might just be helping us expand the “no” voters, thanks. We don’t want to encourage anyone to smoke more pot.

Kris Kobach has worked to prevent nonexistent fraud at the polls by disenfranchising voters, yet our county election commissioner seems incompetent at best and promoting her own agenda at worst. Both need to go.

Kobach and “integrity” should not be in the same sentence. The supposed impartial overseer of Kansas elections thinks it’s OK to have a PAC and advocate for candidates whose election he is charge of. Would you let a fox in the chicken coop?

Same old double standard: Girls are allowed in Little League baseball. Are boys allowed to infiltrate girl’s leagues? NAACP. Would a NAAWP be acceptable? Pressure to let women play in the Masters. Are men allowed to play in the LPGA? Black History Month. How well would White History Month fly?

Other than police officers, who are required to carry guns, only a coward would feel safe carrying a gun.

Sam Brownback is laughable, but not funny.

Notice the governor never makes a mistake. Everyone else is to blame, but he never errs. Brownback may finish his term and be the first governor in history to never have been wrong about anything.

I know that it’s been said elsewhere, but given the recent downgrades and predicted shortfalls, maybe it’s time to start saying it in Kansas: “Heckuva job, Brownie!”

By his own actions, Obama has made himself an impotent leader.

Eric Holder is going to fix ISIS by indicting them. That oughta do it. Enough said. The White House is washing their hands of it. Too much for a golfer to handle.

Those vitriolic, crazed but baseless condemnations of President Obama: How many of those do we need per week? One would be enough for venting, though still too many.

“Republicans want return America to the ’50s”? Awesome. The ’50s look like a great time for America. Building, prospering….

When there were only three channels on TV, I do not remember having to go to the TV set to turn the volume up and down and up and down and up and down.

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