Opinion Line (Aug. 25)

08/24/2014 7:05 PM

08/25/2014 12:05 AM

If parents teach their children to mistrust the police, the likelihood of their children overreacting when stopped by the police is extremely high.

People don’t understand three crucial issues to a shoot-out: how police operate, how the media distort the facts, and how your senses fail you in a shoot-out. It’s a very stressful moment.

Our president should be more concerned about disarming our international enemies than disarming his own country’s citizens.

We all know what the “race card” is. Now we have the “Obama card.” That’s what Republicans play when they are running for office and any record of their own achievements is missing.

The Kansas Republicans blame Obama for everything because they have used scare tactics successfully in the past in their ads and, more important, they have nothing else.

When a person continually makes nonfactual statements that person is either a liar or stupid, and I don’t think anyone believes our governor is stupid.

I hope Obama’s golf game is going better than his presidency. The way things are going for him as president, Obama would probably lose a round of golf to Sir Charles Barkley.

The problem with calling it the “Democratic Party” is that there is nothing democratic about it. It’s extreme liberalism or nothing.

It is all fine that Wichita schools want to keep predators away, but when they put my ID on a computer and someone steals the computer and my identity, who will be accountable?

Immigration can be handled in a three-step process: issue grants to nonprofits working with child refugees; let immigrants in on probationary conditions leading to citizenship; keep track of their progress and deport according to violations.

Robin Williams’ “Mork and Mindy” TV show ushered in – unfortunately, maybe for all time – the stupid and vulgar sitcom genre.

No one would accept a new car with broken parts all over it, so why are Americans OK with a bag of chips that’s half crumbs? From now on I think I will only eat the whole ones and return the crumbs for a weight proportional refund.

This city needs a Shakey’s Pizza Parlor.

If you choose to live a life of grievance, it most likely will never be positive. The choice is yours.

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