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August 22, 2014

Opinion Line (Aug. 23)

If you drive a gas hog, you have no right to complain about high gas prices.

If you drive a gas hog, you have no right to complain about high gas prices.

To owners of foreign vehicles: You should be proud of how many profits and jobs you took out of America. Don’t fault Spirit or other aircraft makers for sending work out until you buy American cars and trucks.

There you have it, straight from the KIOGA stage: There is no climate change to worry about, only regulations. If we (the GOP) win in November we’ll allow you to drill wherever you wish and pollute however you wish, the environment and human health be damned. What unbridled arrogance.

So Sen. Pat Roberts and Rep. Mike Pompeo vow to fight for the oil companies. How worthwhile. What about the more than 20 percent of kids in this state who don’t have enough to eat?

If the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, can be indicted for using his powers, how come we can’t do the same to President Obama, who does what he wants to do?

In January Obama likened ISIS to junior varsity players putting on Lakers jerseys to look good. ISIS is now the largest and most brutal terrorist group in the world, with cash and sophisticated weapons. The president’s statement pretty well tells me everything he’s known about foreign policy from day one.

Long live Israel.

Police Chief Norman Williams is retiring. I think he has done a great job. Ask him to recommend someone or several people he feels are qualified to head the department. We don’t need a costly nationwide search to bring in someone from far away who knows nothing about Wichita.

It’s a great idea to get the police more cameras. If they were also given more dogs you wouldn’t see as many shootings. No person is going to continue an attack on an officer with a 150-pound German shepherd attached to his arm or leg.

If a questionable action happens, does this give others the right to destroy stores and steal their products? I don’t think so.

If you actually believe that Paul Davis is a socialist, then you’re definitely one of those “low-information voters” and Kris Kobach should figure out some way to keep you from voting.

How dare a Republican treat a Democrat with civility and respect?

It’s great to see a bunch of people dumping water on themselves. It would be even better if many of them had a bar of soap and a washcloth to go along with the water.

“C” is a worthless letter when we have “S” and “K.”

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