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August 21, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 22)

I’ve changed the name of my television remote to “garbage disposal” because I use it to mute all the political advertisements.

I’ve changed the name of my television remote to “garbage disposal” because I use it to mute all the political advertisements.

The headline “Kan. GOP lawmakers vow to look out for oil interests” said volumes. They are not looking out for you. They feel comfortable enough in Kansas to publicly proclaim in whose pocket they reside. Wake up, Kansas, before November.

Well, I see members of the Kansas congressional delegation are making the rounds selling out their votes to the highest bidders. Where does this leave the consumer, the environment, the taxpayer and the average citizen?

Rep. Mike Pompeo does best when he doesn’t say anything at all. His saying that President Obama is “radically lawless” is just irresponsible and stupid.

According to Gov. Sam Brownback’s TV ad, he’s done wonders for our land of Oz. He’s even taking credit for the sun shining in Kansas. Wow, he really must be the Wizard.

Rather a dyed-in-the-wool liberal than a conservative snake oil salesman.

It is difficult to justify the shooting of any unarmed person. But no one can justify turning the situation into a racially based looting and rioting free-for-all made up of crowd members, most of whom have imported themselves and who are there with the primary intent of causing mayhem.

If I were among the owners of the Ferguson, Mo., businesses that were looted and vandalized during that town’s temper tantrum, I would pack up and leave and let the buildings – what’s left of them – sit there and rot.

It’s always comforting to know that when any race crisis occurs, the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are on the spot to calm everyone down and bring harmony to the nation.

Some people say President Bush took more vacations than President Obama. Think. There weren’t these almost daily chaos situations we are in as a nation. Who had a handle on things, and who does not? Please don’t give me this race card jargon.

So Obama’s attorney general has inserted himself into the Ferguson situation. Isn’t this the same guy who couldn’t see any racism or lawbreaking with New Black Panthers standing in military garb at the entrance to polling places and waving billy clubs at prospective voters?

I’ve been stopped a few times over the years where I fully deserved it and deserved a citation. Yet, after being polite and respectful to the officer, without brownnosing, and voluntarily admitting I was at fault, I avoided citations. Every time.

It would be nice if the city of Wichita maintenance division could do something about the burned-out street lamps and the faded parking meter decals. A person can’t determine how much time he has left.

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