Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 21)

08/20/2014 7:04 PM

08/21/2014 12:04 AM

If you disrespect a police officer and resist arrest, then you deserve what you get. Who are these people who challenge the law and have no respect for authority?

While you have been sleeping standing up, the federal government has been arming police departments at the same time it is weakening our military. Something similar happened in history, in Nazi Germany.

Chaos reigns in too many of our public schools. Rather than working to improve pupil achievement, several states are loosening standards. A high school diploma is not worth much now, and some politicians want to do away with the requirement that students pass an exit exam to earn it.

Before signing another pot petition, you better consider what’s happening in Colorado. A camel gets its head in the tent and you’ll be dispossessed. In Denver thousands gathered in the civic center to illegally smoke pot and the police did little. It’ll be worse in Boulder. Read. Think.

Gov. Sam Brownback has proved he needs to return to Washington, D.C. He can’t handle the job of governor of Kansas. He’ll make good money, along with Kris Kobach, as a lobbyist.

The GM employees at the Kansas City, Kan., plant probably have a different view of the effect of the monies provided to sustain the industry than that of the pro-Brownback ad mentioning Obama. What would the employment statistics be without the plant?

I wouldn’t vote for Paul Davis if you paid me. My grandma just died, so I guess she might.

Brownback promising gobs of jobs is nothing new. He promised in 2010 to grow our economy from the ground up. Now he claims to have a plan for job growth, as though wishing would make it so. More empty promises from our least-effective governor in the 42 years since I started voting.

Brownback’s campaign blares the same reason to vote for him as used for his massive revenue shortfalls: Obama! Expect quite a show. Anything and everything in a “pay no attention to the governor behind the curtain who pulled the income tax never lever for the wealthy only” strategy.

Notice the president never makes a mistake. Everyone else is to blame, but he never errs. Obama may finish his term and be the first president in history to never have been wrong about anything.

I much prefer the liberal press over the hateful press.

I guess The Eagle has to show Rep. Mike Pompeo all the time, but I am sick and tired of him on every other page of my newspaper.

It was obvious, the other day at Wendy’s, that I was behind a bunch of beer drinkers. I think that Prohibition should be brought back.

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