Opinion Line (Aug. 21)

08/20/2014 7:05 PM

08/21/2014 12:05 AM

Stopping terrorists in the U.S. is like keeping the ants out of your house. Nothing works unless you eliminate the source. What happens in the Middle East does not stay in the Middle East.

Uncover your faces, you cowardly ISIS idiots.

Good ol’ President Bush said the mission in Iraq was accomplished. What mission was that?

I’ll have whatever John Bardo is smoking.

If Braeburn Golf Course goes, so should Bardo. He has some great pie-in-the-sky ideas. But WSU would be far better off if he came up with some ideas to reduce tuition and fees rather than ideas that will increase costs for students.

Gov. Sam Brownback promises 100,000 jobs. Could he throw in a chicken in every pot? Oh, and a pony for my daughter would be swell. Thanks.

The only thing you can believe in the new Brownback ad is that the sun is shining in Kansas.

The Kansas Values Institute’s anti-Brownback TV ad I saw cited, among others, The Eagle, the Topeka Capital-Journal and (wait for it) the New York Times. My thought: three good reasons to vote for Brownback.

Eric Holder claims he will do a fair investigation in Ferguson. Considering his record and history, we consider that an impossibility. Hardly a more one-sided individual exists in government.

Upon the shooting of a citizen by Haysville police, it is time to riot, is it not? What is the problem with the hoodlum idiots in Haysville for not getting out there and rioting and burning the town down?

The best way to prevent what’s happening in Ferguson is for people to have trust and respect for each other in a fully integrated community. Ferguson has been lacking that for a long time.

People really shouldn’t be taking sides in incidents like the Ferguson shooting or the Trayvon Martin shooting, especially because they do so before the majority of facts are revealed.

Ferguson is a classic example of the media running with little facts and false facts yet broadcasting anyway.

Travis County, Texas, has turned itself into a national joke.

To restaurants: An order of bacon is four strips, not three. If an order is three, how many strips are in a half order?

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