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August 19, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 20)

If he hadn’t been involved, would Michael Brown have been a peaceful protester or one of the looters?

If he hadn’t been involved, would Michael Brown have been a peaceful protester or one of the looters?

People would hear a louder and clearer message if you would stop looting, trashing and burning your own town.

The rioting, the looting, the sudden presence of carpetbagging militant wannabe leaders, the transfer of police representation from the governor and mayor to a black highway patrol captain, and utilization of many black reporters do not give the impression that the Ferguson, Mo., crisis will ever be a study in equality.

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is being held in an “undisclosed location.” Maybe he’s staying with Casey Anthony.

I feel sorry for the officer in Ferguson. Regardless of what happens regarding the shooting, it’s already crystal clear the feds are going to convict him of some double jeopardy civil rights violation.

If the residents of Ferguson aren’t careful, Ferguson will become like Watts in California. After the riots there, that area became like a ghost town; business left. And I don’t blame the businesses for leaving.

A year from now the Ferguson community will be wondering why there are no businesses left in their city. Maybe then they can get Al Sharpton and Andrea Mitchell to open stores in the city.

Some watch Fox News and hear support for Ferguson police. I watch the same program and hear cautions to wait until all the information is available before making a judgment. One of us does not know how to listen.

I find the one shouting “I deserve respect” is often the one failing to expend it. If you have to ask for it, you haven’t earned it.

With all of the excuses the governor is making to explain the state’s budget woes, you’d think President Obama was the governor of this state and not him.

As a native Kansan I am so distressed by the heartless, selfish opinions by the “righties.” The so-called left-wing excerpts of editorials from other Kansas newspapers in The Eagle on Mondays help me to face another week.

“Left-wing” editorials may seem out of touch with the majority of readers because “right-wing” readers are out of touch with reality. And the readers’ choices for elected office are not “conservative,” but radically regressive.

The moral outrages of our times are obscene CEO pay ($10,000 an hour), wage theft from ordinary workers, Wall Street’s gambling with investor money, and corporate payoffs to friendly politicians.

When you think about it, none of the items listed for the proposed additional 1-cent sales tax is new. We are already paying for them either as part of the city budget or as a portion of our water and sewer utility bill.

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