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August 19, 2014

Opinion Line (Aug. 20)

Kudos to the committee that hired WSU president John Bardo. What great ideas to revive the WSU campus and help our city.

Kudos to the committee that hired WSU president John Bardo. What great ideas to revive the WSU campus and help our city.

Bardo wanted more students for the university, built a new dorm and took a lot of parking spaces, and then can’t even schedule bus service for students to get to class on time. Who would have guessed? Now what about transportation for WSU basketball games?

Bardo’s mantra of “Welcome Home; We Missed You” should be replaced with “Welcome Home; Now Please Go Shuttle Park.”

Let’s put a 10-gallon hat on Bardo and call it “Wild West WSU World,” just like the last fiasco to go through the community. Everyone wants to get a piece of that citywide sales tax before it even passes.

“Kan. GOP lawmakers vow to look out for oil interests” – as opposed to the people’s interest. Yet most of you will still vote for them. Sigh.

I found Tuesday’s headline interesting. Our GOP legislators vow to look out for oil interests, even “fight” for them. The rest of us are on our own.

The police officer in Ferguson, Mo., obviously didn’t adhere to the precept of “innocent until proved guilty,” so maybe it’s just that “guilty until proved innocent” should be his fate.

Most police cars have video cameras today. Where is the tape from Michael Brown’s shooting? Are we missing another 18 minutes of tape?

There’s no excuse for rioting and looting. Those engaging in this behavior are lowlifes who wait around for a situation to exploit. I firmly believe that heavy-handed ruthless enforcement is justified is such circumstances.

We elected a black president twice. It is not racism every time a white person shoots a black person. I see many interracial friendships and couples. That is where hope is. But black leadership has failed to address the real problems, including black-on-black violence and broken family structures.

We really appreciate Dillons and Waste Connections providing the recycling container at 21st and Amidon. What we don’t appreciate are the jerks who use it to dump trash and used tires. There is always someone ruining a good thing.

About putting ketchup on a sausage or hot dog: Many people use ketchup on many things. The late, great George Burns never knew what eggs tasted like until his doctor said “no more ketchup.” Americans are free to use or abuse any condiment preferred.

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