Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 19)

08/18/2014 7:04 PM

08/19/2014 12:04 AM

How dumbed down have Americans become? We cannot get together to throw out a political party whose stated goal is to destroy the United States, but we can get a bunch of people to dump ice water on their heads.

In case you haven’t noticed, most white folks in Missouri think the Civil War is still going on. When I moved to the Kansas City, Mo., area in the early ’90s, I was astonished at the prevailing attitudes of most people I met there.

How come whenever there is a shooting involving a black male and the police or anyone else, Fox News is always on the side of the police? I remember it was on the side of George Zimmerman.

Too many parents fail to require their children to do homework. Another reason for poor public schools is lousy preparation of teachers by education colleges.

Five areas were agreed on by citizens, with water security being the top priority. What’s the problem with that? Many city leaders elsewhere do not even care what their residents want. At least Wichita leaders communicate, but that’s not good enough. No way.

Am I the only one who has noticed none of the new Wichita transit bus stops has a bench or shelter from the rain? Give the people a place to sit.

The primary elections proved one thing: At least the uninformed voters made it to the polls.

Great job, Republican legislators. Now the Defense Department knows you have been underfunding Kansas schools. Quit bowing down to Americans for Prosperity and the Kansas Chamber and properly fund our schools before we become the laughingstock of the whole country. Oops, too late.

When Gov. Sam Brownback based his economic experiment on the advice of Arthur Laffer, there were plenty of lighthearted references to it being a “laugher.” But no one is laughing now that it’s apparent the word that best describes the governors’ experiment is “disaster.”

The anti-Obama ads being aired by the Brownback campaign are testament to the fact that Brownback obviously backed a loser.

The president wouldn’t have to complain about having to interrupt his trip at Martha’s Vineyard to do work if he had stayed home.

The president just lost Egypt, for decades an Arab ally, to the Russian sphere of influence because he and Hillary Clinton backed the extremist Muslim Brotherhood’s ascension to power in Egypt in 2012.

We judge everything according to what we believe we perceive and what we perceive we experience; in other words, our pathetic little boxed-in worldview. Instead, what we think we know should be judged according to all possibilities. Those who say “impossible” are the ones who should be scrutinized.

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