Opinion Line (Aug. 17)

08/16/2014 7:05 PM

08/17/2014 12:05 AM

My prescription for the politicians and PACs that continue to call the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) a disaster is for them to swallow an extra large dose of reality.

If you think Obama’s birth certificate was hard to get, where will the 12 million illegal immigrants find theirs?

The sanctity and dignity of human life must not apply to children escaping drug-gang violence.

Will Obama ever make a decision that actually benefits Americans and other world powers instead of always considering only its political consequences to him personally and to Democrats? He has three choices every day: right, wrong or politically advantageous to him, and his answer is usually the last.

Now that state government has fixed everything that wasn’t broken, maybe water should become priority No. 1. Every living thing needs it, and we just keep on using and polluting it like there is an endless supply.

Every time I’m polled, I say I’m pleased with the job Gov. Sam Brownback is doing. I just don’t tell them why.

The only way for Brownback to eliminate the state’s budget problem by job growth is through the job-producing marketplace of legalization. It’s not impossible. The probability of success is there.

Someone who was smoking pot, according to police, allegedly kills a child in a hot car, and now they want to decriminalize pot? If they get their way, which of you readers or your children will be injured or killed by them on the roads?

About the 1-cent sales tax, partly for new jobs: We can’t adequately fund our firefighters and local government. I would never move to a city with an underfunded fire department. Pay our existing workforce; repair our infrastructure. Build it and they will come. Vote “no.”

I will not support a sales tax increase in its current form. As usual these tax increases include a black hole part of them, like “job creation.” Lower the proposal to a half-cent only for fixing our streets, and I’ll vote for it.

It is time for the county to start collecting the taxes or else take the property. Some large businesses owe more than $10,000. The city of Wichita has overdue taxes. Take the property and then maybe there would not be such a large tax problem.

If city and county code enforcement and the police and fire departments enforced the laws they are supposed to enforce, leaders wouldn’t have to cut any jobs. If the people shooting off illegal fireworks were fined $10 each, 10 more firefighters could be hired.

The city could have negotiated rates with trash haulers if we had gone with franchising. Now that my independent has sold out to a mega-company, all I see coming is a monopoly that doesn’t have to worry about any pesky rate negotiations.

Let’s ban everything that could possibly cause cancer and see what we have left.

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