Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 18)

08/17/2014 7:04 PM

08/18/2014 12:24 AM

Why do some people have a problem with requiring identification to vote, but see it as no big deal to produce identification to buy cigarettes or alcohol, cash a check or use a credit card?

Perhaps pot-smoking supporters should help suggest the methodology for determining “driving under the influence” before promoting legalization.

Let’s get a new petition for decriminalizing marijuana going again. I didn’t get a chance to sign the last one, but I’ll go out of my way to sign it next time and, yes, I’m a register voter and I vote.

I’m in my 70s, and have always paid pretty fair attention as to what every president was, or was not, accomplishing. Obama, with a little meeting-in-the-middle by the Republicans, could have been one of the country’s very best.

I’m sick of hearing the nonsense coming from a political party that claims Gov. Sam Brownback’s plans aren’t working and won’t, but says we still need to give Obama a chance and our support.

If you voted for and continue to support Brownback and his inept, pie-in-the-sky governing, then you have no legitimate leg to stand on to justify attacking Obama. Brownback does far worse to Kansas than Obama could ever do to the U.S.

See? Brownback has created some private-sector jobs. Health care providers have had to hire more staff to nag KanCare to pay its bills on time. The downside is that taxpayers end up paying for these new jobs.

Note to the governor: Not all business owners/job creators are far-right tea party Republicans. Why in the world would they want to move their businesses to Kansas?

Brownback graduated from KU law school. Does that make him a liberal Lawrence lawyer?

For too long our legislators have been dominated in numbers by lawyers, and not good American people. It is high time we called the lawyers home, and made laws for the real people, not the tort bar.

Please, Eagle, if you have to put articles on the Carr brothers in the paper, don’t include their smirky smile pictures.

It is outlandish that our courts have been overturning the wishes of our citizens. It is particularly ominous here in Kansas. We should let our voices be heard. Otherwise, judges who believe they are better informed and smarter than us will be dictating everything to us.

The schoolteachers are paid by your tax dollars and they formed a union, and the union uses your tax dollars to sue your right-to-work state for more of your tax dollars. How stupid are you taxpayers?

University journalism students passionately avoid courses in economics, business and tax because when they accept a job they think they automatically become experts in all of them.

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