Opinion Line (Aug. 16)

08/15/2014 7:02 PM

08/16/2014 12:02 AM

Congratulations, Ferguson, Mo. You honor the needless death of a young man by looting and burning your own town. Very impressive.

Does not the aftermath of violence in Ferguson say something about the people involved? They destroy their own town and only create more problems for themselves. Why not let the justice system have a chance to act and operate?

The police are giving the police a bad name.

Hey, Wichita police, where are you going to try to bust good taxpayers’ kids this weekend? MADD has gone too far in this town, and so have the cops.

The Iraqi government asked our president for military assistance months ago. Now that he has finally given it support, it’s almost too late.

Mr. President: If they are from the military, dress like soldiers, are armed like soldiers, and will kill the opposition, they are not advisers. They are “boots on the ground.”

If arrogance and extremism are desirable qualifications for politicians, then Kansas has no shortage of fantastic Democrat candidates.

I love the Republican political TV rant against Democrat Paul Davis where the major point they try to make is that Davis seems to be a strong supporter of President Obama. Duh. Who else would he support?

Opinions vary. Unfortunately, too many Kansans watch too much Fox News and too little PBS and MSNBC.

Jean Schodorf is right about firing Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman. If the person in charge of counting votes can’t count a few thousand votes correctly on written petitions so the numbers add up, how can that person get it right in a general election?

If Kris Kobach “has no intention of firing” Lehman “for doing an extremely careful job,” then why doesn’t he fire her for doing an extremely careless job? I would love to see if my vote for Jennifer Winn ended up in File 13.

So Schodorf has never made a mistake? Kobach is getting my vote again. His integrity is far greater than Schodorf’s senseless ramblings.

At least five times recently, gas has risen from $3.19 to $3.28 and almost immediately started dropping back. Could it be that $3.19 yields a profit based on what the vendors pay for the gas, and whoever is trying to drive the price upward is being greedy?

KU keeps changing its uniforms hoping a winning football team shows up.

Why would a sausage manufacturer create a TV commercial that shows ketchup being put on a sausage? That is as big a sin as putting ketchup on a hot dog.

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