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August 14, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 15)

Gov. Sam Brownback says he is ready to “hit the accelerator” on his “road map.” He may discover that he has already run that program out of gas.

Gov. Sam Brownback says he is ready to “hit the accelerator” on his “road map.” He may discover that he has already run that program out of gas.

Two characteristics of a platform are that it is level and stable. Brownback’s version of a platform is tilted so far to the right, and is so shaky, even an economy as traditionally sound as Kansas’ wouldn’t be able to sink its claws in deep enough to hang on.

When the governor’s favorable rating in polls is lower than the president’s in the reddest of red states, you know he is in deep trouble. You can’t step on everyone’s toes and remain effective in politics.

I don’t see much difference between Paul Davis and Barack Obama.

Obama’s goal to make the USA a less desirable place will cost us billions more in lost future tourism revenue.

Hey, Hillary Clinton – you’re a racist. Any criticism of the golfer in chief is only because he is black.

Progressives who have seized control of the Democratic Party are a coalition of special interests. They want something from government. They want a program of earmarks, regulations, favored treatment and a handout. We can do better. We simply want freedom.

The invasion of Iraq by Bush and Cheney was a big mistake, but ISIS must be stopped over there before they bring trouble here. The same goes for all other terrorist groups. Take them out.

How much do the full-page ads congratulating Mike Pompeo after the election cost? Couldn’t that money be put to better use for hungry children or abandoned animals? Oh, wait – politics trumps everything else.

If Jesus were here I bet he would plant a foot you know where on Sam Brownback, Pat Roberts and Mike Pompeo – Republicans who do not like to help out poor people.

Why does The Eagle editorial board make recommendations for Republican candidates? The board is clearly left, and for it to pretend to be neutral and endorse Republican candidates is a farce.

If voters are actually being influenced by any of the harebrained trash like I regularly receive in my e-mail, our country is in serious trouble. These fools probably still deny that we landed a man on the moon in 1969.

Kathleen Sebelius and the Kansas Supreme Court are not to blame for the ruling in the Carr brothers’ case. It was the judge’s error. They certainly will receive more than a “slap on the wrist” when a new sentencing hearing occurs.

You can never tell how a person feels by their looks. Robin Williams was not a happy person and tried to disguise it by being happy and goofy. Too bad that he felt so helpless that he had to end his life.

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