Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 14)

08/13/2014 8:05 PM

08/14/2014 1:05 AM

President Obama would not have made much of a boxer. He would have insisted on tying one arm behind his back – much the same way he approaches foreign affairs as president.

The argument that marijuana is a gateway to hard-core drug use reminds me of the domino theory of communism spreading throughout the world by converting small countries first. Both theories are just a bunch of hogwash to try to justify an obsolete and invalid conservative party platform.

President Carter was an embarrassment 40 years ago, and he is still an embarrassment today.

This nation accepts more than 1 million legal immigrants every year. In the past, schools, churches and the military embodied our values and drew immigrants into cultural unity. The abolition of “diversity” made us a united people. Under Obama’s unlimited immigration, this is unfortunately not true today.

Please stop referring to the illegal immigrant children as “seeking refuge from conditions of violence in their home countries.” I refuse to believe that these children decided on their own to travel many miles and sneak into our country without adult instigation.

Thou shalt not steal. Feed the children on the border and deliver them back to their home.

Obama has requested several billion dollars to secure our borders. The Republicans said “no.” They apparently prefer to do nothing that would interrupt the influx of cheap labor.

“Huelskamp’s pattern: Blame others for his own failings, then double down on those failings” (Aug. 8 Opinion). It occurs to me that if you replaced Huelskamp’s name with Obama’s, the statement would be just as factually correct.

In spite of complaints about the deplorable jobs current politicians are doing in Washington and Kansas, Brownback, Roberts, Pompeo, Huelskamp and even Kobach won in the primary. Why would anyone vote for these awful guys again? As the book asked several years ago: “What’s the matter with Kansas?”

It is doubtful that Gov. Sam Brownback will run on his record, as it is so troubling.

It’s obvious by Brownback’s retorts regarding the state of our state that he views the results of his governance through rose-colored glasses. He really should see an optometrist.

When people riot, steal and destroy property because they don’t like something that has happened, they lose support from just about everybody. Laws should be changed to double the sentences of people caught doing so.

HIV and Ebola are comparable diseases because they both “came from Africa”? Only an ignoramus would make a comment like that while blaming missionaries for bringing these diseases to the U.S.

50 mph on Webb Road is speeding. 36 mph on Edgemoor is speeding. 48 mph on Pawnee between Rock Road and Oliver is speeding. Just sayin.’

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