Opinion Line (Aug. 14)

08/13/2014 8:06 PM

08/14/2014 5:38 AM

Rather than worry about an improbable day or two of air pollution from the burning of the Flint Hills, we might want to consider where the continuous pollution from a coal-fired power plant in western Kansas would go.

It takes one bushel of corn to make 2.5 gallons of ethanol. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce a bushel of corn. That’s a lot of water for the production of 2.5 gallons of ethanol. Now how “green” is that?

If Wichita would create a 10-year tax-free zone for new business, it would save a big defeat for the 1-cent tax issue.

The voters of Wichita should have a separate proposition to consider for each item to be funded by the city fathers’ proposed new sales tax.

I enjoyed the NBC games, but the stadium needs improvements and the ticket prices need to be lowered one or two dollars.

I use our library downtown. It is just fine and has everything a person needs. We don’t need a new library in Wichita. We need new streets to get to the library. They have been in need of repair for 30 years.

The Sedgwick County Fire Department has 146 employees, and only 73 are firefighters? What happened to merging with the Wichita Fire Department? It would provide better protection with lower cost, instead of wasting taxpayer money and putting us at risk for political reasons.

The ratio of firefighters to support personnel in Sedgwick County is essentially 1-to-1. Is that a normal ratio in other fire companies?

If Sam Brownback were my financial planner, I would have fired him a year ago.

Warning! Warning! You are below glide path. Pull up! Pull up!

We used to have a saying back on the ranch: “Even a blind pig gets an acorn every once in a while.” All of those pigs are doing 100 percent better than Obama.

Shh – don’t tell Republicans that it’s the “Democratic” Party and not the “Democrat” Party. They sound so stupid when they say it.

Nothing demonstrates and legitimizes a person’s concern over the death of a teenager more than theft and destruction of other people’s property.

Reading Bill Snyder grouse about what football has become is hilarious – kind of like imagining the Koch brothers complaining about the price of oil. Did he do the interview in his multimillion-dollar Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium?

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