Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 13)

08/12/2014 8:06 PM

08/13/2014 12:34 PM

People say they’re sick of Congress as it stands but re-elect the same duds we had before. When there is a chance to change, you don’t take it. Politicians attack each other on their honor, on the personal views, and don’t take a stand to change anything. Wake up, Americans.

If all Republicans’ only qualification to be elected is that they are going to fight Obama, they do not need to be in office. They have been doing that the past six years and haven’t gotten anything done. Let’s elect someone who will do the job they were elected to do.

Secretary of State John Kerry once told students that either “you make an effort to be smart” or “you get stuck in Iraq.” Convicted by his own words, where is Kerry now? In Iraq.

Are Kerry’s numerous trips out of the country an attempt to do his job or just opportunities to stay away from Obama?

If Texas started firing thousands of rockets into Mexico, I feel fairly certain that we’d put a stop to it.

Ebola – brought to the U.S. under the Obama regime.

The only people who don’t like the photo-ID-to-vote law are vote-fraud Democrats.

A contributor said that Kansas farmers who voted for Tim Huelskamp “must have been in the sun too long.” That was a bit insulting to farmers, in the opinion of this old farmer’s son. I never met a farmer who made a living with the sun shining on him who had judgment problems.

Until the Wichita City Council ceases to come up with wasteful, idiotic ways to spend taxpayers’ money (job development for one), I will never vote for any kind of tax increase.

Like Dick Cheney, Sam Brownback is making numerous ridiculous statements not based on facts. What’s sad and scary is that a gullible electorate has believed these guys for so long.

There are probably more churches in Newton per capita than anywhere else. Yet the Newton City Commission voted not to help the immigrant children for a few weeks. Not only am I ashamed to be from Newton, but I will not vote for these cowardly hypocrites ever again.

What has always bothered me is when people would brag about getting money from the government to go to college and not have to pay it back, and yet others would put their life on the line for those who don’t or won’t do the same.

Please don’t preach about gateway drugs until caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are made illegal. All three are worse than pot.

Because of unions, the American workers can no longer think for themselves.

The problem of botched “executives” has been with us for decades (Aug. 12 Opinion Line). Getting input from veterinarians probably won’t help. Is anyone at The Eagle proofreading these days?

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